Back to School Potluck 2015


Well, schools back in session this week for us.  For the first time since Z was in full time child care, both of my kiddos are going to finish their day in the same building.  Hooray! R started afternoon Kindergarten and Z is in 2nd Grade.  According to R, the best part of her day is recess (of … [Continue reading]

Gluten Free M & M Cookies

     If I'm going to make donut holes for the little one, the older one is going to want a treat too, right?  Fair is fair and since she is not a donut eater, she asked for M&M Cookies that we could share.  Done. These cookies were mixed and baked in under 35 … [Continue reading]

Easy Gluten Free Donuts

Easy Gluten Free Donuts

I have a little one who is in love with donuts.  I honestly don't make them because well... I eat them too.  :D   Add that to the fact that I like the … [Continue reading]