Maybe I should just stop waiting…

Honestly, I’m just waiting for new recipes? No.. that’s not it, because I certainly have plenty.

I just forget to write. Or more so, I lose my confidence and my voice. Writing is intimidating. I really wanted to write here to maintain my own voice, keep progress with my sticking GF, and contemplate life. However, I don’t like rereading my own “musings” so I opted for recipes.

That’s not working either. I will have to give myself the freedom of writing about both.

My in-laws are in town now. My family just left as they arrived. Despite the challenges of staying GF when family (or visitors) are in town, I thought I was doing well. The first few days are really depressing. The amount of time and love poured in to relationships via food is amazing in our culture – and many, many others. I LOVE to cook and bake, but cooking and baking are NOT the same when you have to relearn everything. I used to be able to improve with baking better. I made GREAT muffins and didn’t shy away from trying things. Now I hesitate to bake or cook. Not because I can’t – but because it has felt more complicated for some reason. Not any more.  I’m done waiting.  I’m ready for the next stage of this. Are you ready world?

My arms are open, and it is coming. A new future. What now? A baby, time, and family. That’s it. Simple. I’m ready. Bring it on world.

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