A Meme for Moi?

Tagged!  I’m it!  Okay.. I’m not “it”-it, but I’m *it* for the moment.  Before I pass it on.

There has been a GF Blogger tag going for a while now.  I was tagged by GlutenfreeOrganics, aka Jean.  To be honest, I’m a bit intimidated by this whole thing.  Eight random facts?  What in the world would you all want to know about me?

Anyway, here are the rules for the meme:

  1.  Once tagged, let others know who tagged you.
  2. Players are to list 8 random facts about themselves.
  3. Those who are tagged should post these rules within their meme-tag post.
  4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged.

Eight Random Things about Me…  (Good lord… brace yourselves for reading-induced yawns)

  1. My son is five years old and covered from head to toe with black labrador fur.  He also sports a white heart-shape fur-blobby in the center of his chest.   Due to his numerous logged couch-hours whilst Ma & Pa are away, he has now developed a bizzaro bald spot on his tummy from how his lays his 80 pound body across the arm of the couch.  (My poor couch….it shall remain nameless as I’m sure there is not much life left within it.)
  2. I officially have given over the choose-all-paint-color baton to my Love since the choosing of the paint for the family room.  What I anticipated as a lovely sagey color is now.. well.. let’s just say we call the room our “electric green jelly bean” family room.  Um.  Yea.  I don’t pick paint colors any more.
  3. I’ve been a host sister to exchange students, been an exchange student, and now been a host parent for yet another exchange student.  AND I work with the exchange students at school as part of my job.  (Consider it traveling on the cheap for those of us in the nose-bleed seats at this moment in life.)
  4. I am in the throes of figuring out adoption processes and all that entails.  I have no idea how we are going to do it, but I know we will.
  5. I know things before they happen sometimes.  I don’t know how.  I just do.  Don’t you?
  6. I harbor a secret wish for the artistic talents of several of my friends and yearn for a million perfect photo moments for my digital.  Maybe, I really just yearn for the chance to stop time in the moments I love the most:  falling asleep holding my honey’s hand, in the midst of hugs from my mom/dad, dancing with my mom AND dad (yes, it was a three-person dance at the end) on my wedding day, etc.  And the MANY more memories and moments to cherish in my future.
  7. Thanksgiving is good.  (1)The first night I met my future in-laws was actually at a Thanksgiving dinner (with 20 people!) and my biggest fear was shooting food across the table with the chopsticks they gave me to eat with.  (I didn’t, by the way).  (2)  We got married on Thanksgiving weekend  a year later.
  8. My standard Starbuck’s order (yea, now THAT is random):  Grande, non-fat, no-whip Cinnamon Dolce Latte at 140F, thank you.  And no, I’m not usually that high-maintenance.  But if it’s going to cost me over $4.00 for my coffee?  It’d better be the way I like it.  LOL 😉

There’s a slight issue with the tagging as many folks have already been tagged.  And, I just don’t think David Lebovitz (I’m a new groupie) is gonna respond to a meme appeal.  LOL  So, here’s who I’ll tag:

  1. My new friend, Steve at Gluten Free Steve
  2. Natalie, at Gluten Free Mommy
  3. The girls & guest Chef at Kill The Gluten
  4. Ms. GF on “My Gluten Free Cookbook
  5.  MaryFrances from the Gluten Free Cooking School
  6. Mike at the Gluten Free Blog
  7. Dianne at the blog titled “Gluten Free Journey”
  8. Jill on “Hey!  That Tastes Good!”

Happy Random Thoughts all :)


  1. Hi there – I’ve bee in the process of trying to become a foster (and eventually foster-adoptive) parent for a while now. Let me know if you want to talk about adoption stuff!

  2. Kate – thanks for the tag. I’ve posted mine on my site glutenfreesteve.wordpress.com

    Be well!

  3. thanks for the tag!!! I will post my reply in my personal blog and spead the word to Melanie we were tagged (check my sidebar on KTG for personal blog link).

  4. So sorry I just got the tag!!

    #5..my family calls it the “just know.” I have it a little, but my uncle and my brother, a ton.

    Good luck with the adoption thing, I researched it like crazy. I suggest getting books. In the end, we decided it wasn’t right for everyone in our family (I already have 2 children, and of course a husband!); but the research def. helped with the decision.

    Have a great day!!!


    Thanks for the advice… this is certainly a lot to process, that is for sure! The more information – the better for all around! – Kate

  5. I was just reading your post that I found through google. I am trying to figure out if the sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup is gluten-free and have yet to come across any solid information.

    Do you drink them without any problems?

    • I do! But….. I no longer chose the sugar-free variety. I guess I should.. but I … umm…. am addicted to sugar, I think. ;^) I would highly recommend calling the 800-number for Starbucks – they are quite helpful.

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