Gluten Free Quick Lunch from the Vietnamese Market

I was out running errands this morning when I lost track of time. Ack! I was hungry and a Snickers was not gonna do it for me! Since a friend (and colleague) is coming over for a working dinner tonight, I was not up for a “real” lunch stop. I know what’s on the dinner menu, after all. (How does Cinnamon-infused Beef with Spinach over Noodles sound to you?)

So, I stopped at the local Asian market and picked up some lunch. Cheaply, I might add. I got these two packs of rice noodles (the left one is stuff with shrimp and the right one is fill with pork). I also bought 2 sesame balls that are filled with sweetened mung bean. OH so good! And the best part? Yeap – all gluten free!

My grand total for this lunch for two? $6.51.
Life is good.

Next time you are near an Asian market – stop in! The prices are much cheaper (for flours, noodles, and much more!) and you can usually pick up an inexpensive meal or cooking tip of two.

Oh. And that dinner menu tease? I share it with you when it’s done.

EDITED NOTE: I’ve been asked about the table. It’s our kitchen table that my love and I made together. We wood-burned phrases for living around the edge and painted. (It’s just a butcher block table from a garage sale ($30!!) that we’ve remade into kitchen art. LOL)

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