Gluten Free Sandwich Wrap Experiment

Gluten Free Sandwich Wrap Experiment

I’ve been planning this experiment ever since becoming obsessed with the gluten free sandwich wrap recipe I received on the DelphiForums Celiac Group. (Here’s the recipe. Two original recipe photos are in the above mosaic – bottom/right.) When I first made it, I followed the recipe precisely. Of course. That way I knew how I would like to adapt it – if I even wanted to repeat it at all. Little did I know I would repeat it A LOT!

Since the first recipe created a rather thick bread, you can see that we were only able to fold it over our sandwich ingredients. It was delectable, delicious and became a quick favorite. However, I really had been craving lavash bread. It is flat like a tortilla and makes great rolled sandwiches. So, I quickly whipped up another batch of the sandwich bread with two major changes: using sorghum flour in lieu of the rice flour called for and skipping the rise time. This time we got a wrap that ROLLED!

In the last two weeks, I’ve made the recipe more time that I can count. We’ve added dried garlic and rosemary to the mix. We’ve added smoked paprika and garlic. We’ve made rosemary and olive. Yeap. We’ve made a lot of bread. More than I think I’ve made in the last five years, actually. All of it following the sorghum flour/no rise adjustments. But then I got to thinking. Ok, obsessing really. What would it be like to use the rice flour but skip the rise time? How would it compare to a sorghum flour mix? So, back to the original recipe again. Easy to find, actually. Not because it’s online here, but because I’ve taped it to the inside of my kitchen cabinet. =)

In the mosaic above, you see the results of my experiment. The top left corner shows the braeds are they came out of the oven in the jelly roll pan. The left side is the sorghum flour recipe and the right side is the rice flour/no rise recipe. You can see a noticeable difference in thickness. This difference is even more noticeable in the sandwich photo on the left. (Left side: sorghum/no rise; Right side: rice flour/no rise).

Not letting the rice flour bread rise worked great. The bread was easy to roll. AND it is soft and delectable. (Forgive my swooning, I am finish up the sandwich as I type.) It is a tad underdone. Hhrumpf. So now I know I need to add a few minutes to my original 11 minute cooking time. However, that is an easy price to pay. Without the rise time (40 minutes!), I had fresh bread for wrap sandwiches in about 25 minutes. Piece of cake! Err… Piece of Sandwich Wrap!

Ok, you gluten-free sandwich wrap gawkers! Get out there and make some wraps! Let me know how your experiments work out!

UPDATED NOTE: (Jan. 2008) In order to make the pressing/spreading the dough out easier, I now butter or brush oil on to parchment paper (cut to fit my pan) and then spread the batter. This way I can hold the parchment paper down and it spreads (and releases) easily.

UPDATED NOTE (May 2008):  A whole grain, gluten-free warp – aka a Mock Lavash Bread.


  1. glutenfreecookingschool says:

    This is brilliant! I’ll definitely be making this on Saturday, and I’ll let you know how it comes out.

  2. Awesome! Let me know how yours turns out!

  3. glutenfreecookingschool says:

    We were completely out of leftovers and sandwich bread this morning, which was just the excuse that I needed to go ahead and make the wraps! I had to leave for work while they were still in the oven, but John called and left a VM at lunch to tell me that he’d just made a “really awesome!!” Reuben with the wraps. We’re having sandwiches for supper so that I can try it.

    The bread rose more than I expected, so I’m looking forward to trying it again when I can be here for the whole process. I did substititute corn starch for the tapioca starch, and used honey rather than sugar. (I broke the sugar bowl this weekend, spilling 2.5 lbs of sugar on the floor!)

    P.S. I added your blog to my blogroll, and I’m planning on doing a quick post on the wraps to send some people your way =)

    Mary Frances

  4. Oh yum! I have been toying with the idea of using agave nectar in lieu of the sugar (lower glycemic). I’m happy to hear that the honey is tasty too – but dang! What a major bummer about the sugar bowl!

    Thanks for your supportive and kind comments. It makes my day/week/year! -=)

  5. These look delectable! Are you sure they are gluten-free? Well, I know what I will be making this weekend. Thanks for experimenting. I absolutely love to try experiments! My hubby just got a new bbq smoker and I love to eat all his experiements, and mess-ups, too. They all taste wonderful and fill my belly.

  6. I promise if you follow the recipe and use the GF flours -it’s gluten free! =)

    And yes – I am a BBQ-lover too! And mess ups? Oh my! That’s the only way I eat. Now I just blog them too. LOL

    =) Happy GF Eating

  7. I just found your blog and the wraps look amazing! I would like to make them for my 16 year old son who has celiac but don’t see a revised recipe. Are you just substituting exact amounts of rice flour for the brown rice flour in the original recipe and putting it straight into the oven? I have to make his lunch every day and this would be perfect.

    Hello Nancy –

    Thanks for visiting my blog – and commenting! I started this blog as a means of sharing out what I’ve learned – and what I am still learning about living and cooking gluten free. I’m glad you found something to taste test too! =^)

    To revise the recipe, I used sorghum flour instead of the rice flour it calls for. It’s that easy of a swap out – 1 for 1; sorghum for rice flour.

    I hope your son enjoys them – we have been loving them around here too. =)
    Let me know how it works out for you!
    I’ll be happy to help in any way I can!


  8. THANK YOU for this recipe, I am going to try this as soon as I can. I LOVE wraps and would love something like this!

    Well do let me know how it turns out for you. I’ve enjoyed eating wraps again =) – Kate

  9. Hi Kate

    How do you find the sorghum version compared to the rice flour version?


    Denise – just replace the amount of rice flour called for with sorghum flour. It exchanges 1 for 1. Happy Sandwich Making! =) -Kate

  10. These are wonderful! Has anyone tried using them as the base for a GF pizza?

    I know a few people have. I have not – so I can’t comment too much. I was just very excited to find a FLAT bread wrap! LOL – I might just have to try this idea too though. I’m a thin-crust pizza lover… I’ll have to see how thin I can get this. =) – Kate

  11. ONE WORD….WOW!!!!!!!

    Thank you VERY much for sharing this amazing recipe! I feel like I FINALLY have something “eatable” for my 3.5 year old son!

    I ommitted the yeast (severe mold allergies) and used the wet spoon approach on a cookie sheet coated with EVOO and light rice flour…..yummy! I am a thin crust pizza lover as well and can’t wait to try it out.

    Thanks again.

    • I can’t have yeast either, so I used baking powder inplace of the yeast, and club soda instead of just regular water. Obviously there is no rise time and it turned out awesome!! I just had a hamburger with a “bun”

  12. healthyfishies says:

    AH ha! Here is a wrap recipe *duh* just had to look a little deeper!! Gosh, I am very excited to do this !!! Thanks Kate!!

  13. ok, I made this last night, and it was delicious! I’m even more excited because I spent last weekend cursing coffee shops and their paninis! If I let this rise, and use it sliced rather than as a wrap, I can grill it for my own, home-made panini! Wonderful!

  14. just made these last night kate to eat with mary frances’ falafel! OH SO GOOD!!! What a great recipe! (way high in WW points unfortunately… but worth every bite!!!) This is an excellent recipe and I love the wrap! Wow! I haven’t had one of those in AGES!!! SO good girl!! Thank you!!

  15. PianoMom says:

    Love the wrap. BUT — I have found that if you put in just a tad more flour and 1 tsp baking powder. this makes MARVELOUS GF SANDWICH ROLLS. The recipe makes about 6 large rolls. I just stir it all up, do not beat it, use a large spoon to form the rolls on parchment, let rise and bake 375 about 20 minutes, until really dark gold. Fabulous for a submarine sandwich. Best the same day, okay one day later. I agree that adding sorghum flour works great — for the 1 cup rice flour I use 1/2 c Brown rice and 1/2 c sorghum.

    Does anyone know why so many of these recipes say to beat the dough for a few minutes after it is all mixed???? I usually skip this step, and I think my results are pretty good — but I have nothing to compare mine to…If anyone know what the beating does, PLEASE let me know!!

  16. Your recipes are serving me well this week! I just made this recipe this morning and was amazed at how quick and easy it is. I made it in a slightly smaller tin this time and it ended up more like a focacia – which actually was totally fine. I split in half and made sandwiches for lunch that tasted fab. Next time I make it I’m going to add olives or rosemary and seasalt I think!

    Thanks for another easy, great recipe that I’ve added to my list!

  17. Heaven bless you! This is the best gluten free bread that I have ever eaten! I was so excited when I realized how well it had turned out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  18. I have now made this bread four or five times this week on one try i added cheese in and on the dough and it is delectable . .I love love love it. i am going to make another normal and cheese patch today. assuming i don’t run out of flour…

  19. Great recipe! I’ve probably made it 7 or 8 times. I liked it so much, I posted it here: to spread the goodness.

  20. I love these wraps. I need to make some ahead — has anyone tried freezing them?

  21. YAY! A gf recipe I can make without going out and buying flour! I bet you could make the full-rise version, cut up the bread, season & toast for some great croutons! Or toast and pulse into gf breadcrumbs. I did notice on another recipe site this was posted on (which led me here), there was a comment on using a biscuit cutter to cut the bread into rounds for burgers/sandwiches. Thanks again – I was hoping I could find a simple tasty fix for sandwiches, etc. Now, if they’re an acceptable replacement for a tortilla, that’d be two birds with one stone!! 😀

  22. You’re a genius! I have been craving lavash. Thanks very much for posting this.

  23. My kids love this bread!!!! I can wake up and make this fresh in the morning in about a half hour. Life saver. AWESOME

    Thanks so much

  24. i live in Swaziland (supermarkets here aren’t that great) but need to eat this wrap! but does anyone have any ideas on what i can substitute for:

    tapioca starch, xanthan gum, and cider vinegar?

    • Hi Sarah –
      You can substitute cornstarch (not flour), or arrowroot starches. Tapioca starch is also called manioc or yucca, can you find those?
      The gum is a bit trickier. I have not tried to substitute it in this recipe. Typical substitutes are guar gum or a slurry made with chia seeds/water.
      And you can use any vinegar (not malted) that you prefer. I would suggest using a light vinegar (not dark/heavy) for this bread.

      • MeleaniesMom says:

        Kate…I just read where someone uses unflavored gelatin, as a substitute for XG. She also says that she really only even uses that when she makes bread, has ommitted both items from most recipes and did not see a marked difference.

        I, personally, do not know enough about a gluten free diet to fill a sock but I know a lot more than I did 24 hours ago. Turns out a friend of mine has just found out she has to omit gluten from her diet and she says all the breads are horrible and she can’t participate in birthday parties and eat cake. Since I used to have a “baked from scratch” baking business and baked a couple of gluten free breads, one time, for a customer, I decided to see what I could do to help. Hence I am researching, seeking information, finding recipes that people give high marks to. She suggests that a business could be in store for me as there are five people in her small workplace who have the same diatary situation. Apparently there is a really large market for good quality gluten free foods.

        Thanks for the information you have all offered. I will make good use of your experiences and suggestions.

        Good health to all!

      • I have seen a blog where the very clever pastry chef has been using psyllium (plain Metamucil) in place of xanthan gum. I don’t know the proportions, but I use 1:1 in my english muffins and they came out really crunchy. For something soft, you might want to use 1/2-3/4 of the amount of xanthan gum called for. It is a wonderful substitution.

  25. OK These were absolutely Delish, superb, yum, fab, awesome !
    My husband has already asked me to make more. I have been trying to get around to making them for a year now and now I’m smacking myself in the head wondering WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG! So anyone out there who is thinking about trying these just DO IT! ( for the sticky problem I just sprayed the pan with pam, sprinkled it with rice flour and spread it around like frosting a cake. )

  26. I’m going to try these with the sorghum flour this week, thank you for the suggestion. I also wanted to let you know about a little experiment I tried myself with your wrap recipe :)

    It’s been a very very long time since I have had a nice little dinner roll with a roast beef supper. I felt rather frustrated one day and decided to whip up a batch of flat bread while a roast was cooking in the crock pot. As I was mixing the batter I was dreaming of a nice moist dinner roll and thought what the heck… got out my muffin tin and sprayed it with cooking spray.

    I divided the dough up into nine of the cups, set it aside to rise fpr 45 minutes then popped it into a 325 degree oven. I just kept checking them, sorry I didn’t pay attention to the baking time… but those suckers rose up and baked golden and I have to tell you, they were moist and delicious albeit a tad on the heavy side but exactly what I was needing that day:)


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