Gluten Free: sushi dinner

Sometimes you have to get out. Not only because you’ve been working on paperwork ALL day AND it’s gray, rainy, and well… depressing. So, sometimes you have to get out and celebrate the small steps in life.

Tonight we are celebrating one such step. These little steps are the ones that make up the dance of life and love. The ones that carry you into the next move and set the tone, follow the ebb and flow and build you up for the crescendos. It’s important to celebrate life.

In the face of loss and a world of constant change, sometimes you have to stop. Look up. And celebrate the small steps.

And eat good sushi.

Really. If you are not a sushi eater, I get it. Really, I do. It doesn’t *sound* like something you would eat, but trust me, try it. Go slow. Go eat sushi someplace with someone trust worthy. Someone who will ease you in to the pool and not throw you head first into the deep end.

Tonight we entered our favorite sushi place near home. This is a feat in and of itself in a small town – a good sushi house? Yes, really, it’s here! The sushi chef smiled and welcomed us. We sat at the bar and turn ourselves over to him with the simple question, “What’s good tonight?” We’ve been there before, so he knew our experience level and tastes.

The picture above shows two of the items he made for us. The one on the left was too cute for words! Do you think? Those little faces made with black sesame seeds and a clover sprout for the mouth. The floral pattern around the heads is made with roe. These cuties sit atop a piece of sushi with sea urchin and eel. OH MY, it was tasty. Although I do have to admit, I was a bit sad to bite into something so cute…and I’m not too sure that quail egg is my thing.  But it was a good adventure to have. :)

The picture on the right is of my favorite lately. It’s a warmed and slightly spicy sea scallop with cucumber wrap instead of the regular nori seaweed wrap. OH. MY. GOODNESS. (To tell you how much I have enjoyed this specialty after being introduced to it months ago the chef tonight asked when we sat down, “Should I start two scallops for you?” My thought was “TWO??? Just TWO??!!!” LOL.

Yes, please. Just two. I want room in my tummy to try more tasty creations. Bring it on.

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