Reading labels…ah, what joy!

Posie’s Happy House

When you have celiac, you take nothing for granted. You read and reread every label trying to figure out just exactly WHAT they have put into it now. You carry your cell phone to make calls in the grocery store (although not as frequently as you start to get a handle on “gluten free shopping”).

Reading labels is an art form. Remembering what constitutes “food starch” (depending on the country of manufacturing), deciding whether or not “natural flavors and seasonings” are likely to contain gluten (highly possible – see note about cell phone), and remembering that everything needs to be checked each time you shop. Including your cleaning supplies, shampoos, soaps, etc.

Never has reading labels been as enjoyable as it has since I found Posie’s Products at my local food co-op. Really. Just the label made me smile And yes, I’ve used this product before and it works wonderfully. Maybe the good lighting and the quiet stillness inside does something magical. I don’t know. But I’m often smiling when cleaning with Posie’s Happy House.

I just have not figured out how to make the “open spaces” and “uncluttered surfaces” appear yet no matter how much I spray. Oh well. It’s worth the attempts to just keep cleaning with it and smiling.

And if you are wondering, No. I have no affiliation with Posie’s. I’m just a happy consumer of their products.

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