Clown feet for your next cupcake

I’ve had this picture for a couple days. I saw this the last time we were at Target and then not an hour later I saw it again at Linens-N-Things. It rather cracked me up, but no worries, I left it on the shelf. My kitchen has little storage space to begin with. I don’t have room for all the whimsy that catches my eye.

I did almost buy this one, however. I thought it would crack up my nephews too when they were here. And then I thought, “Good lord, just how does one scrub out muffin cups with feet?” So, I passed.

My mom used to get “Barbie” cakes for us girls (there are three of us). Each of us had a “Barbie” cake once. The cakes were not shaped like Barbie, but rather a Barbie was standing atop the cake. The cake was round and then a Barbie was placed in the middle standing upright on top of the baked/frosted cake. Then a round huge “skirt” was placed around the Barbie’s hips and went down to the edge of the frosted cake. This “skirt” was cardboard (?) and was decorated with whimsical designs (Go 1970s!) and absolutely *thrilled* me.

I’m not sure if Barbie thrilled me or not. About the time I was big enough to play with Barbie (and not just steal my sisters’ dolls), I had seen commercials for dolls whose hair would grow back when you cut it. Needless to say, my Barbie’s were sporting some very gender-bending hairdos before I realized that my little Barbie’s wouldn’t be growing the hair back.

No worries. I still had G.I.Joe and his jeep. (Stolen from my brother) And *that* jeep was MUCH cooler. Really. It went substantially faster down the “mountains” (aka stairs) at home that Barbie’s car.

I’m pondering what to do with the apples and cream cheese in my house. I think I will work on a dessert recipe. Tomorrow night we are attending (with sister #2!) a potluck for all of these foreign exchange students that are hosted at my school. Each of the kids is making a treat from home. So far, since I have told my love that the girl from Italy is making tiramisu, he has been sporting a LARGE grin.

Tonight he told me that the best tiramisu he has ever had was made by my brother, Kip. This really touched me. We joked a little bit about the fact that my brother had probably made it with a half bottle of cognac, but OH! the cream was delicious! Sadly, my brother passed away two years ago. It was quite a shock – and still is, to be honest. It’s nice to know that my love tried his dessert. And loved it. It’s amazing how important little stories like that become.

Lord only knows what my brother would have said about the Clown Feet Muffin Cups. He’s was a wise-ass with a whip-quick sense of humor. I loved it.

I know these cupcake cups would certainly make his daughter laugh. Maybe that’s why I like them. I can buy them for Christmas and send them along with a chocolate cupcake recipe. (My brother was *quite* the chocolate-hound!). And then.. well.. her MOM will have to figure out how to scrub these babies out.

In the meantime, if you are eyeing these cupcake holders.  Here’s a cupcake recipe to help you along.  Just make them larger and don’t plan on filling them from the bottom, but rather the top, if you’d still like to fill them at all. :)

Happy Friday Night Memories to all

UPDATE: Oh my! When searching for links for you all about these, I found muffin cups with WITCHES feet and SANTA feet! Too funny! Ok… I may just have to get some for me too! What a crack up to see my colleagues faces when I give them a Witch-footed Gluten-Free Cupcake! Surely they will get the humor there too! LOL


  1. I am sorry to hear about your brother, but he sounds like he was an amazing guy. Was he gluten free too? I love the witch-feet cups! Your blog cracks me up :)

    My brother was a good guy – that’s for sure. I’m glad you find my little corner of the word to be entertaining. LOL :) -Kate

  2. I think these are so cool. I need them, oh, around Oct. 29. Filled with GF cupcakes.

    Bless you. Bless your brother, too.

    Thanks, my sweet Ginger.
    What kind of cupcakes do you like? I keep seeing all the creative cupcakes around town, but to be honest – I’m a hold out for a great vanilla or yellow cake cupcake with awesome frosting. You? -Kate

  3. Oo, Kate – I’ve never seen cake cases like this before! I don’t think they can have made it across the water yet.

    Cupcakes are huge here at the moment – very fashionable for grownups, usually with the most gorgeously beautiful icing. I’ve even seen cupcakes as wedding cakes …

    OH! I’ve seen the cupcakes/wedding cake idea too – I like it! That might be because I am easily influenced by the frosting… and with a cupcake, I *just* might get more of that! :) -Kate

  4. Hello Dear Sister Kate – greetings from Seattle like soaked Minneapolis! :-)

    Hey – one note on these…yes, you can bake in them but here’s a couple tips I recommend. Go ahead and save yourself, Sister 2, M&M, any clean up woahs by making the cupcakes in their respective paper liners in a ‘normal’ muffin tin and then, to serve, pop them in the feet. I haven’t tried it but think it will work.

    For those of you that may not have had the pleasure of cooking in silicone yet, it really is ‘do-able’. (still kind of weird if you ask me, but do-able) but you need to take care in how you line them – with grease of sorts – so that you don’t ‘taint’ the lining permanently and have it take on some funky flavor you dont really like. Just be sure what you use is ‘fresh’ and will breakdown easily – defined further as No funky spray in a can. In the long run, disappointment will set in……

    As for Kip, our bro, I can’t imagine the quip he would make about these feet…….if there is chocolate involved, the creamier, the better, he would have skipped the need for feet…….

    I often think of him answering the question – how was work today? “work is work, if they called it ‘play’ we’d have something more to talk about’ or something close to that! (So true!)

    Kate – the memories here are great – the doll cakes that Mrs. W would make for us – we really were lucky! You konw I made a cake for McK like this right?!! Only – no cardboard, it was Cake in a special mold that I borrowed from a friend. It was SO MUCH MORE time than I ever imagined!!!!!!!!! But Bean loved it! And… know when I told her the Barbie had legs and it was a Real Doll in that Cake she exclaimed! WHAT!?!?!?!??! Does that doll have underpants on??!?!!!!! All the Aunts ROLLED!

    LOL, Kar! I can just hear McK saying that! I LOVE it!

    And – WOW – Great tip for the feet cups. I am VERY curious about the feet! I fear I might CAVE! 😉 -Kate

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