GF: Dark Chocolate & Irish Cream Custard


I figured it out. Inspired by a date with my Love, I have finally played long enough and fed my neighbors and co-workers enough custard that I feel like I can declare it: Recipe Success!

And a new fantasy holiday dessert is born. Only one issue: my poor love doesn’t eat chocolate! Issue??? Wait! I must be nuts – that just means there’s MORE for ME! Wahoo! Oops. I mean, poor guy!

This is NOT a wimpy dessert and definitely needs the whipped cream and a good cup of coffee for an accompaniment if you ask me. But heck, it’s dessert and it’s chocolate. Do with it what you will to satisfy your own chocolately-GOODness cravings.

This recipe makes 4 ramekins or 4 small demitasse cups plus a little leftover for a half a ramekin. Or… as I’d like to think of it, a “chef’s taster” if you will. (Yes, I only have 4 demitasse cups.. LOL. However, i think I may need to find a few more because this topped with a couple mint leaves or peppermint sticks would be SO cute for the holidays! Or… oh! Topped with those little cinnamon candies…. oh! I’m thinking aloud as I type…(aloud? well.. the keys *are* clicking!).

You get my point. Top it with whatever your heart desires. Know that the Irish cream is obvious, but not in the “let’s get intoxicated from the aroma” kind of way. Just perfect for an after dinner dessert.

NOTE: Bailey’s Irish Cream is labeled as NOT gluten-free. Don’t despair. St. Brendan’s Irish Cream happily is gluten-free.

Dark Chocolate and Irish Cream Custards
4 egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup dark chocolate cocoa powder
2/3 cup half and half
1/3 cup GF Irish Cream
1 ounce Dark Chocolate, shaved or in squares


  1. Mix together top three until well blended and smooth – will become dry and
    then thick liquid. Mix together for at least 3 minutes.
  2. Heat milk and Irish cream whiskey. Melt chocolate into liquids. Whisk
    together until well incorporated.
  3. Pour liquids into egg/sugar/cocoa mixture. Mix until well blended. Stop.
    Scrap down sides. Mix again 2 minutes (with paddle mixer – NOT whisk to
    avoid air bubbles)
  4. Strain into medium bowl. Fill serving ramekins or demitasse coffee cups (4
    small ramekins or 4 demitasse cups and one cook’s dessert!).
  5. Bake in a water bath <Put the ramekins or demitasse into a larger deep pan and fill with water about 2/3 up the side of your ramekins or demitasse. Be careful NOT to splash water into your custards.> for 25 minutes at 330F.
  6. Allow to cool in warm water – out of oven – for 30 minutes.
  7. Remove from water and cool an additional 45 minutes on the counter.
  8. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate at least one hour or overnight. (Yes, you can eat them now, but they will not set up and will be more pudding-like and less dense.)
  9. Serve with fresh whipped cream, topped with a couple mint leaves and 2 dark chocolate sticks or peppermint stick with peppermint shavings.

Happy Chocolate Eating!


  1. This looks AWESOME I do a very similar recipe, with some different ingredients..I can’t remember if there are eggs in there though.

    Now I want chocolate..good chocolate. Damn. It’s past my bedtime already.

    have I said yet that I want this? So, I will have to pull out my recipe, and now I have to try yours too.

    Bummer..a chocolate taste test. Poor me! 😉 And I bet they are both awesome..mine I use that gluten free. I haven’t made this since before.

    Oh, and my gosh! I did not know that about Bailey’s!!!! Thanks for the tip.

    Ohhh.. amaretto! Now that sounds good too! And here I thought I had kicked the chocolate craving for a while! Now I can’t wait to see your recipe and taste-test too! =) No worries about rambling – it’s my only way of speaking/writing! LOL

    As far as I have read, distilled beverages (like amaretto) are GF. The issue with the Irish Cream comes after the distillation process when cream etc is added. Bailey’s hasn’t stated – as far as I’m aware – what is added that makes them declare it “non-GF”. I don’t know if they are covering their tushes or being sincere. Just as a precaution, I used the one that is declared GF. =) – Kate

    I have to go to bed, I ramble when I am tired!!!

  2. As usual, you have completely impressed me. The recipe and the presentation are awesome. Got to have my daily dose of Gobsmacked! My hubby is not much of a sweets guy either, which is hilarious because his woman definitely is. :)

    Love our men as we do, those guys really gotta figure out their chocolate-gene. LOL. In the meantime, you and I will have to make up for them by eating what we can, huh?
    Thank you for your incredible kindness, Natalie.
    I’m just figuring things out as I go along.
    This weekend… I’m hoping for time to make those pumpkin pancakes of yours that the world is RAVING about!! MmmmM!

  3. Wow!!! That looks amazing!! Kate you’ve done it again!

    This truly makes me wish my body liked caffeine!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t. My husband says caffeine is like cocaine to my system!!

    I miss coffee and real chocolate so much!!

    True custards are hard to come by! Your friends and neighbors are very blessed to have you so close by to come up with these wonderful delicacies!

    Ah… it’s a blessing that comes with a larger pant size though. LOL. Thus my sharing the joy with neighbors, colleagues, friends, my sister’s family, etc. LOL. I love to cook/bake but I seriously don’t need to eat it all! LOL -Kate

  4. Seriously, where do you find the time or patience to make and test these recipes? This one sounds wonderful. I’ve got a recipe for warm soft chocolate cakes that you make in ramekins that I will have to post. Someday. Man, if I ever make it to the state of Washington, I’m coming to your house for dinner!

    I’m seriously addicted to not-sitting still too much. I often get up in the middle of movies or whatnot to try something out – whether it is in the kitchen or multitasking while watching the film. LOL. My love is an AMAZING cook who has provided me with tons of valuable insight and tastes. Really! When my sister or our friends come over for dinner they always ask if HE is cooking (not me!) because his food is AWESOME! I’m so spoiled! Sadly, my waistline shows it too – but we are happy! Some people have other projects … I’m all about trying it all! LOL – Kate

  5. Oh my goodness, this is so wonderful! Thank you so much for posting this recipe!

    In just a few days my love and I will finally be living together. We’re both completely dependent on chocolate and I think this incredible dessert could well be the first we prepare together.

    It is quite a relief that you provided an alternative for the Bailey’s — I wondered how you would get ’round that! It is the whiskey in Bailey’s that makes it non-GF, whiskey being brewed from malted barley. If it came to it, you could probably prepare your own “Irish Cream”. That’s what I had in mind before you mentioned St. Brendan’s!

    Thanks for the info about Bailey’s. I guess I figured since it was distilled, it was doable. I”m glad to know – and very happy to have found St. Berndan’s! LOL
    Happy moving in, Kerrrin! That sounds PERFECT! A chocolate-dependent couple? Wahoo! You guys are gonna have the BEST cupboard goodies! LOL

  6. Oh my gosh, that looks so good!! Dark chocolate is the only chocolate that exists in my world.

    Oh… I’m too addicted to eat just one kind of chocolate… LOL! =) -Kate

  7. That’s it. I’m leaving everything here and moving in with you. I’ll share space with the dog, and I promise I’ll wash dishes, too. I am not sure I could make this, but I want some RIGHT NOW!

    I’ll share! =) – Kate

  8. O.k. so now that you have tempted me with this completely sinful dessert, how do I make it dairy and soy-free as well? LOL I will work on that but in the meantime it looks and sounds wonderful! I made a low, gutterl sound in my throat when I saw it. I believe I actually started to salivate. :)

    Ya know, I haven’t ever tried a dairy free/soy free custard. Lemme think a sec.. what about using rice milk and cornstarch. I haven’t cooked with rice milk… does it thicken like milk/egg combo? It’s really the yolks that doing the thickening. I’ve made custards before with 1% milk – so I don’t think there is much in the cream that makes it work. Maybe you could replace the Irish Cream Whiskey with a raspberry liquor?? GIve it a shot! It’s worth trying… trust me. LOL – Kate

  9. OH MY G-D!

    One question: is “dark chocolate cocoa” cocoa powder or a dark chocolate hot chocolate mix?

    Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder – not hot chocolate mix. :) -Kate


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