GF: Speedy Pizza

One too many papers to grade. (Okay, 160 too many.)
One too many pizza commercials.
One too many missed meals thanks to workshops.
too little sleep!

All of these things added up to the speediest snack – now a meal – than I’ve ever made. Really. Now why did this become a blog post? Well, because I can’t believe I haven’t done this before? Good grief!

I think I must have a food-purest streak in me. I’m not really aware of it (it certainly isn’t there when I’m eating.. LOL) but I am more aware when I open my fridge and look at my ingredients for cooking. I see things in my fridge, like tortillas for example, and I think “Hmm… Burritos! Enchiladas! Tacos! Flautas!, Quesadillas! Chilaquiles! Migas!…..blah blah blah” You get it. All of the things I think of are traditionally made in tortillas.

But a couple nights ago. That changed.

Well, wait. I didn’t change. But DANG there were a TON of commercials the other night for pizza while I was grading papers.

Usually, my approach to this barrage is to focus on the fat content or the greasy qualities (I have a great imagination even if their photography doesn’t show it). Or I picture my ever expanding hips and imagine eating a pizza wherever it is being advertised and being unable to get my hips through the door on the way out.

Last night I couldn’t stand it any longer! I had watched too many. I broke down.

I loved melted cheese TOO much!

This was so easy to make, I confess, we’ve made it two more times for a snack. MMM! My love swears that he loves it because of the pizza sauce. I think it’s the cheese and the tortilla frying. You decide!

There are as many toppings as your can think of. We just had cheese. It filled the need. :) LOL

Kid-sized, snack-size, or munchie-driven. These will hit the spot for you too!

GF Speedy Pizzas

corn tortillas (1 per mini-pizza)
finely shredded mozzarella cheese
Contadina pizza sauce (it’s GF! and in a squeeze bottle!)
pepperoni, mushrooms, or whatnot.
oil, for frying/heating tortillas

In a medium pan over medium-high heat, heat a teaspoon (or a little more) of oil.
Add a tortilla, wipe it around the pan to spread the oil, then flip the tortilla over to coat the other side with oil as well.
Fry one side of the tortilla until slightly browned, flip over.
Do the same to the other side.
Once it is crisp on the bottom – NOT hard!, top it with pizza sauce and cheese (and other toppings, if desired).
From this point on, watch the heat – you may need to turn it down a bit to medium or even medium-low.
Continue to cook until your cheese is melted. (The picture is of a pizza in-process).
Remove from the pan and slice like a pizza!


Have more time on your hands than I did? Maybe you want to try these pizza recipes then too:
GF Breakfast Pizza
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  1. i love quick dinners like that! I’ve used corn tortillas too! I should have done that last night… i’m embarrassed to say that my dinner was so awful that I threw it away… i hate nights like that!! But yours looks like it was delicious!!

    I can NOT believe that it took me so long to use a tortilla like this. Really now! Lame-brained – I so am!
    No worries about the trashed dinner. I still have fond memories of one that my love made… I swear he emptied every spice in the drawer into some casserole. Within ONE bite, we both looked like we were going to hurl. BLECH! LOL – Kate

  2. This sounds like an awesome idea and so quick. I have a ton of corn tortillas in my fridge but was getting bored of them. I will have to try this tonight or tomorrow for dinner. Thanks!

  3. Ahhh! You are a genious! I have done everything else with corn tortillas but not this. I have made mexican pizza out of them but never real pizza. This is brilliant and I will be trying this soon! I’ll be you could do it in the oven like regular pizza if one has more time. I like it when the cheese get all golden brown and the pepperoni gets crispy on the edges. Gee, I know what I’m having for dinner now….thank you!


    Thanks for the genius comment – but seriously – I think I must be late in the game. LOL. I’m addle-brained! LOL – Kate

  4. Cassandra says:

    We love (!!) tortilla pizzas. My favorite is to use the Food For Life brown rice flour tortillas, top with alfredo sauce, rotisserie chicken (compliments of Costco), and mozzarella. The kids love them, too, and mine are fairly healthy (well, the alfredo one could stand to lose some calories, but not the tomato-based ones).

    OH MY! That sounds good! I bet those tortillas crisp up nicely too! And the alfredo and chicken – MMMMM! I will have to try that! – Kate

  5. I tried the pizza today finally. I did mine in the oven and used pesto instead of tomato sauce, olives and peperoni. It was so yummy! Just like eating a thin crust pizza. There are hundreds of ways you could top it and it would make great appetizers for a party if cut into quarters. This will be a regular meal at my house. Just had to say again how great it was after trying it!

  6. I do something similar, but I just put it all together and pop it in the oven until the cheese is melted.
    I sometimes substitute the pizza sauce for cream cheese. The taste reminds me of a breadstick. Yum!

  7. my family does a version of this, but we put all of our toppings on the tortilla and fold it over and cook it like a quesadila. then we dip it in pizza/pasta sauce. it keeps the “pizza” from getting soggy or floppy


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