What’s for dinner at your house tonight?

GF Dinner….what are you having?, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

We’re having a little backyard grill-fest.
A couple lamb chops and corn on the cob…. all infused with some fresh rosemary smoke.
And perfectly gluten-free, of course.

Oh yum.

My love seasoned the lamb chops with cumin, black pepper, sea salt and paprika while I shucked the corn outside. Since corn is starchy, we certainly didn’t add any more carbs to the meal, but the infusion of rosemary smoke was a wonderful touch to both the corn and the meat. And it was easy – I just walked out to the front of the house and clipped off a few of the stalks. (No worries, that plant could seriously use the trimming… and it survives my non-gardening thumb VERY well!)

What did you have for dinner tonight?
I’m curious to know!

Happy Gluten-Free eating!


  1. Hi! I’m new to the gluten free world and thanks for your recipes, ideas and positive attitude! Today we had easy taco dinner. It’s been raining for days in Fairbanks, not a good summer so I wanted to fix something quick and fun.

  2. We had vegetarian burrito bols and tacos from Chipotle. David didn’t take a nap today and I needed to work after he went to bed, so we opted for an easy, yet very delicious, takeout dinner.

  3. That looks SO yummy. Look at that rosemary! Gotta pick up some lamb chops tomorrow.

  4. Oh, and I had a salmon burger along with caprese salad and sauteed rutabaga in butter and hot sauce with a bit of ketchup (kinda breakfast potato-ey).

  5. We had grilled corn on the cob last night. Rolled it in some butter, garlic salt, hickory smoked bbq seasoning then wrapped it in foil. OMG!! So good.

    Tonight, grilled chicken thighs with homemade bbq sauce and steamed green beans. And a glass of wine. Can’t forget the wine!

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