Wordless Wednesday

Our oh-so-fertile backyard apple tree…

Our oh-so-fertile Apple tree


  1. What a beautiful tree! It reminds me of summers in Alabama on my grandparents’ farm. Their tree wasn’t nearly as nice looking, but I had many apple pies made from those apples.

  2. what kind of apple?

    Funny you should ask, Renee. LOL Even though we’ve lived in our house for 6 years now, just last week I broke off a small branch with 2 apples and brought them down to the Farmer’s Market to ask that very question. We *knew* they were tart, baking apples – but we didn’t know what kind. Now I do. They are called Gravenstein apples. :) – Kate

  3. Kate,

    Those apples look delicious! Can you send me some? :-)

  4. I envy you and your apples! They are beautiful. It’s been a really good year for fruit, thankfully.

    Back in the old days (like 20 years ago,) when NFL football didn’t start until fall, I’d peel apples in front of the tv during the first games of the season. After just a couple of games, I’d have enough applesauce in the freezer to last a whole year.

    If you lived on my street, I’d gladly trade you tomatoes and green beans for apples!

  5. Wow. My parent’s tree looks nothing like that. But then it hasn’t been properly taken care of for years and years. It’s beautiful.



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