Blueberry Goodness…in a cup

It’s the last of the season’s blueberries.

A rather decent way to start my all night, freak-out, typing session… don’t you think?

Actually, besides just giving me a great boost of energy to use my favorite blueberry farm bluebs (as we call them), I know that the extra punch of their vitamin C will help me stave off any beginning of the year colds or bugaboos that the kids will share with me. It’s typical for me to catch some kind of cold in the first six weeks or so of the school year kicking off and I’m hoping that my intentional intake of zinc and Vitamin C will help avoid this. I need to save those sick days for that incoming baby, ya know!

Blueberries are great for BRAIN POWER TOO! (Wahoo! Trust me when I tell you that I could use the boost tonight.) They are also a great source of fiber, maganese and other vitamins/nutrients. Click here if you want to know more (Did you know there was a “Blueberry Council”?).

I grew up picking blueberries with my family in Northern Minnesota. I remember the summers when I popped more blueberries into my mouth rather than into the bucket too. Those were definitely the no-blueberry-pie summers.

I also remember slogging through the blueberry marshes wondering about the bears that eat the blueberries too. Not that meeting up with a bear would be a probability, I had seen enough bears in the wild that I had no desire to run in to them during the berry-munching lunch or afternoon snack time. So I stuck to picking the berries that were within a quick sprint to the road or the canoe. (Not that either of those options would have saved me… but heck… at age 8 or 12? Those were savvy choices. LOL)

Tonight my last summer hurrah is this delightful blueberry, banana and yogurt smoothie. I didn’t feel like digging out the blender, so I just used the immersion blender. If your blender is accessible, I think you will probably have less blueberry skin floaties in your smoothie. (Although on a side note – let it be known that blueberry skin floaties make for humorous conversations when they stick to your teeth and you smile crocodile-wide smiles at your love and ask for a kiss. LOL)

I think I’ll make another of these for my breakfast…. and I will be sure to rinse and get the blueberry skins out. That would CERTAINLY make a first impression on a student now, wouldn’t it!?? Oh my! That cracks me up just thinking about it! LOL

Blueberry-Banana and Yogurt Smoothie
Makes one smoothie
1 banana
2/3 cup blueberries
1/2 cup plain yogurt
2 teaspoons agave or honey (optional, depends on how sweet your blueberries are)


  1. Dump all the ingredients into your blender and go!
  2. Add a few ice cubes if you like it thinner or cooler and blend again.


PS. What are your favorite smoothie combinations? I think I may need to get it to the fruit smoothie thing more often!


  1. My son loves smoothies, and they are really easy to make! One thing I got into the habit of this summer is making fruit ice cubes to put in the blender for smoothies. I buy the big container of strawberries at Costco and we never seem to quite finish all of them. So, I puree them in the blender, spray an ice cube tray with PAM and then pour in the pureed strawberries. Then they pop out easily when frozen and I put them in a ziplock in the fridge. They are easy to add to a smoothie, give it flavor and make it cold also.

  2. What a delicious sounding smoothie! I love blueberries :) My favorite combos are strawberries and orange as well as anything with mango. mmmm!

  3. carol huggins says:

    I make soothies and love them. I use vanilla soy milk and tofu as my base-then add frozen fruit to taste. I also freeze my bannanas in freezer bags to use in my smoothies (I dont use ice because of the frozen fruit.) I don’t have an alergy but my grown son has a 3-year diag. of celiac and I love to bake for him. I love your site. You are helping many many people and you should be proud of yourself and God will know you and your kindness. Thanks for the recipes and hints.

  4. that looks really good i need to make that!

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