Time AND dinner go by quickly sometimes


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You *know* you are able to relax while eating out if this is how your dinner gets to you: on a conveyer belt.

Yeap, welcome to my Saturday Night dinner. We stopped at a sushi bar on the way home from running errands. We had seen it a few weeks back when we were in the same area – but it wasn’t open. It was so easy to eat gluten free here.

Not all sushi places are easy for the gluten – free eater. But here are the things that made this sushi bar a GF dream:

  • The tobiko (fish roe) was gluten free! (Not all are, as some are “seasoned” which typically means soy sauce and/or wheat starch somewhere.
  • They served real crab – not fake pollock with wheat starch.
  • Many of the “sushi” dishes included vegetarian varieties (like the sweet potato sushi that you see go by in the video).
  • The top conveyer belt had fresh fruit platters as well as fresh veg/salads and edamame.
  • They even served freshly made rice-flour/sesame balls with red bean paste inside.
  • AND the wait staff was perfectly able to answer all of my GF eating questions and needs quickly and easily.

OH YEAH. I LOVE it when eating out WORKS!

This post is a bit of a mix. Please forgive the haphazard approach. For those of you who are still in need of a few Thanksgiving menu ideas, check out these posts:

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And lastly – the one item on auction for our adoption fundraiser ends this Wednesday too. It’s a great GF/CF cookbook. Please take a moment to check it out and/or bid if you can/like.

Happy Sunday, All!


  1. I have never seen food delivered on a conveyor belt at a restaurant before. That is too funny (and cool)!

  2. I love conveyor belt sushi!! It is so fun! I miss it, here in New England, no go on that. :)

  3. What restaurant is this? Where?

    This sushi restaurant is located in Federal Way (near Seattle), WA. I can’t find the business card that I picked up for it at the moment. BUT if you are in the area and want to know the name, feel free to email me. I’ll be happy to get the info for you- Kate

  4. Ooh, I want to know what restaurant too! (please & thanks!)
    I *heart* sushi and maybe my kids might eat it if it came on a conveyor belt.

  5. seamaid399 says:

    I’m so jealous that you found a sushi place that has GF tobiko- I’d love the name because we often pick up sushi for my grandparents and rush it to them in Anacortes when we visit them. (in ice)


    You bet, Sea! It’s in the email I just sent. :) – Kate

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