Oh! A longer wait than expected…

Just an FYI and quick update…..
We received a phone call today that stated that we should not expect our Little One to be traveling before the end of February/beginning of March due to some “paperwork”.

We have no idea what this means or why. I can only tell you that we are completely heartbroken and yet another LONG, PAINFUL wait. We thought she might be here by New Year’s…. and the end of this month…. then Valentine’s…. and now this.

Honestly… just when you think you can’t take any more, life hands you more. (If only it worked that way with money and M&Ms…..)

OH! Painful and sad day around here, that’s for sure.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers and good thoughts….
Looks like we will be needing them much longer than hoped…
-Kate, Her Love & Her pup, Max

So I get home from work…. a bit of a wreck and here is what my Love says:  “Katie, the point is this:  She *IS* coming.”
See why I married this man?


  1. Hang in there! I’m praying for you! Remember it’s God’s timing…if only he worked on our schedules :)

    We are adopting within our state and it’s been a process since March 2008. We received our license in November 2008..now we just wait for that “phone call” when a child is available to adopt.

    I totally feel your heart….be encouraged..it will happen in perfect timing!

  2. And I thought waiting for the furnace repair man was the worst wait EVER! YOU WIN! I’ve said my “soon, please” prayer for you!

  3. Glutigirl says:

    Awww, hang in there. It will just make it all the more sweet when she is here with you! I’ll be praying, and yes, God’s timing like the above poster said. It’s always perfect!

  4. Oh Kate!! I have just recently started to read your blog and following your journey. I will continue to keep you in my thought and prayers.

  5. Kate,
    You married a man who totally gets it. She is coming and that is the most important thing. Try to get as much sleep and alone time now as you can because soon enough there won’t be enough since two will be three!! You have done so much to help everyone else, the least we can all do is help you by being there for you – patience will pay off in the end.

  6. Yes, your love is a smart man. As soon as you meet her and hold her, all the waiting will fade away. I like Diana’s point, too. When she comes, Kate, it will be just the right time and all will be well. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you maintain your sanity, sleep (Nancy is so right!), and anticipate your little one’s arrival. Think how quickly a grading period flies by in school … that’s all you have to wait now. 😉

    Lots of hugs,

  7. Hi Kate,
    So sorry that your wait has been extended — (and I thought my wait to hear about my phd funding was painful)!
    Try to concentrate on the positive — you will soon get to wrap your beautiful little girl in that fabulous quilt and hold her in your arms.
    All the best,

  8. I’ve waited for two from China. the 2nd one ended up being a 1.5 year wait when we were told it was 8 months. I thought I would go mad from the wait. you truly will forget all about it the minute you hold her in your arms. but I feel your pain. try to keep as busy as possible. read a lot. you won’t have time once she arrives! I will keep you in my prayers and hope that they are wrong and you’ll hold her very soon.

  9. Sorry you have to wait longer, Kate. How frustrating. But it’s exciting to think she could be your St. Patty’s baby!

  10. Kate,
    Sorry to hear about the further delay. Your dear husband was very kind to say what he said, and he is right, the important thing is that she is coming. That doesn’t make it any easier, but your little blessing will be with you soon.


  11. So, weird to get a comment on a post years later, huh? But I just wanted to say. I was wandering around the internet looking for gluten free recipes to feed my SIL, and ran across your Korean Mung Bean Pancake recipe, because we’d seen mung bean flour in the Korean market near here. And in that you talk about your daughter maybe being used to it. Well, we are waiting for our son to come home from Korea, hopefully sometime in the next month or so, so I started looking around. And I just had to say, the Update from Your Love really cheered me today. Thank you.

    • Wahoo! Congratulations on your son – I hope your wait is over quickly! Time FLIES once they are in your arms, that is FOR SURE! But it seemed like an eternity while we waited!

      All of our best wishes for you and your family!

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