28 Days to Wait….

Waiting for her, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

… well, maybe 28 days.

Yes, we are all waiting (the dog included) for something. Sometimes waiting for the unknown, sometimes not. This time, we’re just waiting for the we-don’t-know-when. So, I decided to make the best of things.

You see, I *am* in a unique position here. NO, not by adopting – that’s not unique. But by having some time on my hands AFTER finishing the baby-proofing, painting, shopping, etc and BEFORE the baby arrives. I am also in the unique position of NOT being physically uncomfortable in these last few weeks of “pregnancy”. (My pregnancy being MUCH more about paperwork than stretch marks. LOL)

I asked this question on the adoption forums, I thought I should ask it of you all too. Maybe you can help me spend my time? Here is the question and the “rules”

QUESTION: If you had 28 days to wait and you could spend $28 dollars or LESS on any given activity (preferrably LESS LESS LESS!)), what would you do?


  • Activities should cost no more than $28 (or so).
  • Activities should be things that we probably can’t do very easily or at all once the baby is here.
  • Activities can be fun, practical, stress relieving, etc. but not oriented to baby-prep. (After all, we’ve finished all of that because we thought she would be here by now! LOL)
  • Activities should be things that we can do together as a couple; but this is not a requirement. (For example… I just went out and had my first facial yesterday. MMMM.. yea…. don’t know what took me so long to do that! LOL)

What are your ideas?

I have a list going – but I think I want to make it *much* longer than just the 15 or so I’ve been thinking of. That way, when we have a moment, we can still work on completely our “to-do” list. Here are the things on my list to get done this week:

1. Make practical doctor appointments: get my eyes checked, teeth cleaned, etc. (Co-pay is $15.00.)

2. Schedule a manicure or pedicure. (Already have the hair cut scheduled) (Either costs about $15-25.)

3. Scrub down refrigerator. (Costs nothing but humility. I just watched “Jon and Kate plus 8” and heard her ranting about a moldy refrigerator. It made me wonder when the last time was that I emptied and scrubbed it down.)

4. Take the pup on some LONG walks. (Cost: nothing!)

5. Attend the weekly BodyFlow (Yoga + Pilates) class at the gym AND go at least two other times each week. (Cost: nothing… already paid for.)

6. Write a few blog posts that maybe I can publish on a schedule AFTER she gets here? (Cost: My imagination/brain… as right now I can barely think about much else beyond Her, My Love and work. LOL)

What do you guys think?
Got any suggestions for me?

After all, if you were getting this stare, you’d think of something to do about it too:
Are you looking at me?

Thanks for the ideas!


  1. You can always have a picnic (if it’s cold out, have it in your living room).

    Oh! and you can camp out in your living room, in front of a fire, with hot chocolate and smores. That was always fun =D.

    And you can bake something crazy that you won’t have time for once she’s here.

    Read a really long book.

    Hope this helps =D, but most of all, just enjoy yourselves!

  2. If you enjoy movies, try to see every movie nominated for Best Picture. It’s a goal I have every year, and not easy to accomplish with two boys in the house.

  3. If you’re at all like me, there’s bound to be a tourist attraction in your city you have never visited…like an art museum or history museum or ??

    Wine tasting?? That’s definitely something you can’t easily do with kid-in-tow!

    Good luck – I know how difficult it is to wait without knowing how long that waiting will last!

  4. In a word…COOK! Mothering 3 food sensitive kids and being pregnant again, I know the one thing there is never enough time for is meal prep!! Cook ahead and freeze meals, freeze cookie dough, freeze whatever you can think of to have it ready for those “fussy” days. Oh, and enjoy eating with both hands at once too :-)

  5. Go to the movies!!! This is a big one. After baby, you won’t be able to go as a couple unless you have someone to watch her.

    The waiting is so hard! I only know this from being uncomfortably pregnant, not waiting for an adoption, but I think I can safely say the unknown waiting period is killer for everyone. My second baby was two and a half weeks past her due date!!! Ack. The longest 17 days of my life.

    Chip up! Enjoy your waiting period as best you can!

    xo K

  6. use the fabric scraps from the quilt you made to make a little wallhanging: Iron them to wonder under. Cut shapes. Remove backing and iron on to a piece of fabric. Use a picture from a childs coloring book for a pattern if you want. Make a border around the piece of fabric to look like a picture frame. Layer, quilt. Ta-da!

  7. How exciting! I hope she comes soon!

    The first thing that popped into my head is take some cake decorating classes. Jo-Ann and Micheal’s offer the Wilton ones for about $20, if that’s something you’re into. It certainly is time consuming and relieves a lot of stress for me.

  8. 28 days! That’s so soon and so close!! I would say absolutely go to the movies, cook outrageous meals that take all day, get a massage (try to find a massage school – my mom gets hour massages for $20), relax in a bubble bath with a book…

  9. Go for as many ‘dates’ as you can possibly fit in… and save the $28 for a babysitter later!

    I have loved reading your blog – and especially your journey to adoption. Can’t wait for the next installment!

  10. watch a sunrise or a sunset together, and get to appreciate it, too!

  11. After the baby arrives, all activities may be interrupted. So do anything that you now have luxury of doing without interruption: walks, naps, reading, cooking, writing, *thinking*–staying up late, sleeping late!

    These last days of waiting are frustrating, but the most free you’ll be for the next 20 years. Really.

  12. Absolutely go to the movies! We’ve really missed being able to anytime there was something we wanted to see. Netflix helped in the beginning, though. I’d also say that talking about how you’ll get couple time before you’re both in the early survival mode might be helpful.

    How much time will you get to take off school? Will your husband be able to take paternity leave?

  13. Oh how exciting! 28 days seems so close, yet so far away!

    Lessee here, if I had 28 days to wait, and $28…

    – Hit up adult oriented museums.
    – Long walks with the hubby, with or without the pooch.
    – Hit up your favorite restaurant, even if it was just for a glass of wine and an appetizer.
    – Check out a local theatre production.
    – Hit up a comedy club.
    – Get another facial. :)
    – Try out a new recipe that might require a little more patience and concentration.
    – Get a set of Knifty Knitters ($15 at Michael’s, without coupon, $8 with the 40% off that’s in the paper ) and some yarn and go to town. I’ve been knitting hats like crazy. It’s very easy and relaxing.
    – Find a bar with a good band, and hang out and listen for a bit.
    – Do a romantic “staycation” with the hubby for the weekend.
    – Read a book. With more words than pictures, and that’s not kid related. 😉
    – Organize your recipe file so that everything is grabbable. (Being that you have this site, I’m willing to bet that it’s already pretty organized…)
    – Get a massage. Most malls have the kiosks with the massage therapists that do the chair massages for $1 a minute.
    – Definitely get a mani and a pedi. Maybe twice.
    – Go to the makeup counter and have them give you a mini makeover, even if all you buy is a lipstick.

    That’s all I’ve got for now!

  14. Julialuli says:

    Sleep, nap and do nothing for a day. Nothing! This will most likely not happen again for at least 18 years. :)

    Spend a day at the bookstore, uninterrupted.

    Juls, mother of a 10 year old and 13 year old

  15. Do some mass cooking and freezing for the days when you are too tired or too busy to cook.

    Go to a restaurant for dinner since it will be more difficult with a newborn.

    Visit with friends/family uninterrupted while you still can! Maybe have a few over for dinner?

    Play the question game with your Hubby (there are books that are just full of fun/deep/interesting questions).

    Play some board or card games with Hubby!

    Watch some long, epic, sequel movies (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Back to the Future, etc.) … or any movie, really! Maybe even go out to the theater while you still can! 😉

    Speaking of which, maybe go see a live play at your local theatre?

    Go sight-seeing within your own city – museums, landmarks, parks, etc.

    Go to the library and read some books and magazines.

    Journal your thoughts/feelings during this time, expectations or thoughts of the future, etc as a keepsake for the baby to later.

    Clean/organize your kitchen cupboards/pantry.

    Clean out your closets and donate or sell (Craigs List!) anything you don’t need!

    And, lastly, catch up on lots of sleep! 😀

  16. Teri Zuwala says:

    Go on an evening drive with hubby. Stop at a park and lay on your backs looking at the stars.

    Spend a Saturday morning in bed, with hubby. Spend it reading, talking, laughing, and have him serve you breakfast in bed.

    Have a candlelight picnic in the family room

    Go antiquing or thrifting- challenging with little ones in tow

  17. Prep meals for the freezer.
    Hang out with hubby as much as possible.
    Go anywhere where it would be difficult to take a youngun’: Crate and Barrel, Bull in a China Shop R US, that sort of thing.
    Read fiction.
    Take a bubble bath.
    Enjoy using the toilet solo. Trust me. LOL
    Get a massage (if you have a local massage school, it can be cheap)
    Shop for a swimsuit. They’re out there for the season and ya ain’t gonna wanna take a kiddo. 😉
    Belch really loud, swear at the top of your lungs, and pull that wedgie. All things you won’t want to do once there’s an extra set of eyes watching you. LOL
    Stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, and anything else that you might run out of and freak out about in the middle of the night whilst walking the baby. 😉
    Sit for a full afternoon and DO NOTHING. Nada. Stare at the dust floating in the sun, pick your toes (unless you just got the pedi LOL), and just.sit.
    And…congrats! :)

  18. Hmmm, sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

    A few more ideas:

    -go to a movie, a late show and then sleep in the next morning
    -address envelopes for announcements/thank you cards if you haven’t already
    -Back-up/Organize photos (or anything else on the computer that needs to be done)
    -Read a good book that’s not about parenting, kids, etc.
    -Go for a coffee and read a magazine
    -go for lots of dates with your hubby
    -hang out with friends and enjoy the conversation without having to worry about kids
    -go somewhere that requires you to be quiet (museum, library) as it is so much harder to do with kids in tow
    -journal your thoughts, anxieties, excitement, worries, etc.
    -take a nap
    -make meals and freeze them
    -stock up on snacks
    -go to Costco

    and did I mention get lots of sleep?!?!

    Congratulations! I can’t imagine how hard it must be to wait, especially when it keeps getting pushed back. I know everyone says this but it really is true, try and enjoy this time as much as possible.

  19. I would have to say, the one thing I would have to do before my life got turned up-side-down (in the best possible way:) would be to ice skating one last time. Not too expensive and always good for a laugh, or a humbling. And bake like crazy and freeze stuff for later.

  20. Sleep as late as possible every weekend! And, if you like to stay up late, get that out of your system now, because the whole stay up late/being woken up early thing is not fun =)

  21. Find a ceramic shop and spend the afternoon there, pick out a small item to paint (be creative) and then put in the baby’s room. Be sure and date it, so you know it was created while you were “waiting”…..

    Good luck! :)

  22. Get a romantic portrait taken of the two of you. In the future, you will will only be concerned about taking pictures of your little one. It is important to remember your connection too.

  23. SLEEP! Have a bath (together!) Have plenty of sex – trust me, it’s tough with a baby around!

    Shop, for groceries, by yourself. You might not ever get to do this again for years.

    Write out your christmas card envelopes/list. Don’t laugh. It’s hard to get near when there are babies around.

    Organize your photo albums & I echo – get a nice photo of yourselves taken, that’s a great idea we didn’t use

    Watch movie marathons, swear, and be lazy. You’ll do it again in about 5 years, so take advantage now.

  24. I know everyone has said this, but freeze some meals! It is the exception to get a baby that will sleep well. You will love the already-cooked meals when you are brain dead and exhausted.
    To do: ice skating or roller skating. You won’t be able to do this without a babysitter for another 5-6 yrs. At least with eating out or hiking or museums you can take the baby along (bring lots of kid snacks) but not so with skating (or skiing)
    I am praying for your little one to get here soon!

  25. There are some great ideas here. I have to repeat many already shared. Sleep like a hibernating bear. Take outrageously long showers. Definitely get a massage. You could get a 30-minute one for sure, but like Jill said massage schools offer great rates. Museums and art galleries, live music … all those are great ideas. Make some fantastic food and freeze. You are such a good cook anyway, so maybe try some different stuff. Maybe more comfort food, like pot pie (easy enough GF with just pouring a GF batter on the top, and easy to freeze). Declutter in 15-minute spurts, no more. Ask yourself if you love it, use it, or if it makes you smile (a la Flylady) and out it goes. Put in car or take outside immediately for charity or trash pickup. Note that many of these things you will probably think you don’t want to do at all, but once you go do them, you’ll enjoy them and look back fondly on them after your little girl arrives. I am betting now that you have this list, the time will FLY!!!


  26. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I have been following your blog and am so happy for you and your hubby! I recently had a baby and I wish that I had practiced going to the bathroom holding a watermelon, or made some meals to store in the freezer (It is hard to even open a can of soup holding a baby). I also wish that I had gotten a list of addresses for my thank-you cards. We received so many wonderful gifts and I wish that I had bought stamps and thank-you cards before hand. Even a short trip with a baby seems to take all day. I also wish that I had stocked up more on baby essentials like diapers (you can never have enough and I always seem to run out mid-day when my hubby is at work).

    Honestly, I wish that there was something I could say to make it easier to pass the time. I know that even waiting to go into labor seemed agonizing. When you want your little one close, nothing seems to make the wait any easier. Kudos to your hubby. Mine always said to me “You can’t be pregnant forever, Michelle, so enjoy the anticipation.” – I should add that that comment usually made me want to hit him with a frying pan.

  27. Your Mom! says:

    How about doing more than your refrigerator? Do ALL of your spring housecleaning. A friend of mine would take a room or two at a time and clean, clean, and reorganized everything. Clean out your closets of old, unwanted and unused STUFF; give it to the Goodwill or similar place. Clean your garage if you finish the house. All this would keep me busy for month and you may have only a month (the shortest one at that!) so choose your priorities carefully and make a list.

    When a woman is pregnant and waiting and waiting, she is given unending energy and drive to get things in order and have it all DONE whenever baby decides to come. I think you’re there now, so get to it.

  28. Congratulations, I’m really happy for you! The waiting may be long but it’s definitely worth it. My advice, instead of sleeping, get more exercise, you will need to build up strength when the baby arrives. Take long walks, or use heavy water bottles as weights. Cant wait for your little angel to arrive too :)

  29. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but have you made a scrapbook for the little one? Fill with all the stuff you have gotten or pics you have received BEFORE her arrival.

    I second the cooking ahead.

    Do you have lesson plans already made for the rest of the year? LOL

  30. You and your husband could cook for each other making the favorite recipes you would have for dinner when you were children, and start making a family cookbook for your own new family. I have introduced my husband to oatmeal cake and apple streusel pie, which have now become traditions of our own little family. These meals don’t cost very much and you can share memories as you cook together and eat together. Tonya

  31. Glutigirl says:

    Wow, so many good ideas here! Other than what has already been mentioned, if you currently have a clean house, enjoy it for the next 28 days. That won’t get better until they move out. Also, I think I had about 8 years where I had no privacy in the bathroom. Relish every moment of privacy you have right now. Take long hot baths. It’s going to be gone! But you know what, you are going to enjoy every moment of it. And, eventually, they get old enough that you can lock the door and tell them to wait :)

  32. Have lots of sex. That’s the one thing that is so hard to do with an infant in the house. It’s like they know what you’re up to and don’t approve!

    And cuddle. Do lots of cuddling.

  33. Ice-skating!

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