Ummm… the car we saw today, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.


We stopped at the store today on the way home from school. I was bringing the Belgian exchange student home for the night. Regardless, *THIS* is what we saw in the parking lot on our way out. Neither of us could contain ourselves. We had to pull over, get out of the car and inspect it. Both of us were in awe. We started taking pictures. And then… just as we were driving away… we saw HER. The woman who walked up to this …. ummm.. car and drove away. Her bizarre walk through the parking lot while approaching the car was surely because she had seen us with cameras and all pointing and wondering just WHO would CREATE such a *masterpiece* and drive it! (And then we digressed and starting talking about being hit by flying rubber duckies while cruising behind this *thing* on the highway.)

Oh yea.
Only in my town, I swear.

THIS has got to be the most bizarre car I have ever seen.  (Click here to go to my flickr stream to see even MORE up close and personal shots of this lovely creation.)

I will come back with recipes. I promise. Life is hectic here as we gear up for the Chicklet’s arrival, celebrate a 40th birthday and welcome family in from out of town. (I am working on a lovely dinner roll/biscuit recipe.. but it’s not where I want it to be … YET.)

Watch out for those flying duckies…. I’m tellin’ ya!


  1. hehe, thats nothing. at the school I work at, the students with some help, made an art car a couple years back. even added shapes to the body with cut foam and glued music instruments and toys to it. this is the best picture I could find of it though online, I probably have a better copy on my comp someplace maybe though? though I have to admit, the car we started with was much older, so maybe doing drastic changes is not as surprising.

  2. That’s pretty funny. Though I suppose I am not one to talk as I get around by bicycle (in all seasons- even here in Canada) and my bicycle is covered in flowers. I tell, the world looks different when your car is covered in figurines or your bicycle is covered in flowers- people smile, wave, say hello- and because my bike also has a flag with the words “Feel Good, Feel Great” promoting my practice as a nutritionist- people also regularly dispel the most intimate health challenges when I am stopped at red lights.

    I love it! It really was a happy sighting – but definitely not something I had ever contemplated doing to my own car. I think I am just to shy, to be honest! :) -Kate

  3. you may want to google ART CARS, this one is TAME compared to what people are doing out there!


    This car, Mr McGilliard’s Lizardmobile, was parked in my middle school’s parking lot every single day. This is actually the second lizardmobile. Surprisingly, for an art teacher with a car like that he wasn’t all that cool.

  5. What a hoot! I’ve seen some pretty cool cars over time like sports cars done in mosaic, but most were parked and on display. To see one that a person actually drives is a surpise treat. :-) I don’t even put bumper stickers on my car. LOL


  6. At first glance I thought someone had done the special decorating as a congratulations to you for the arrival of your baby! I’m sure she would enjoy all the trinkets on top to play with :)

  7. so many cars like that out in Berkeley…I haven’t seen them other places, though.

  8. The mail carrier for my grandpa (in Trinidad, California), had a car like this. Last time I saw it (years ago), it was almost completely covered. You could barely see any of the car itself. Tons of dinosaurs. :)

  9. Oh my.

  10. Wow, pretty funny. Can’t imagine why anyone would want to drive around in a car like that!

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