Nearly Wordless.. and Nearly Wednesday

You see why I’ve been offline, right?
This precious munchkin has my attention.
She’s finally over jet lag – HOORAY!

I plan to be back blogging recipes in the next week or so. Zoe has already been munching on some oatcakes that have a bit of cinnamon in them for her teething and breakfast. (Somehow I didn’t think just sucking on the outside of empty plastic Easter eggs was going to fulfill her nutritional needs.)

I have no idea what recipe will strike my fancy – but I have a few ideas floating through my head. I think this weekend I will whip up a loaf of Pepita Bread before My Love goes back to work.

Ah…. family life is grand!
I hope you are all well and forgive me for not being able to follow up with reading all of your blog posts. You guys are BUSY – and I’m finding myself without the time to keep up!

Much love – and as always, Happy GF Eating.


  1. She is SO cute !
    Again, congrats, and enjoy your family-life =)

  2. She is beautiful Kate! Enjoy!!

  3. oh my she is gorgeous! I have been checking your blog all the time looking for more news and photos of your precious gift!
    I made your pepita bread a few months ago and it was amazing…we all loved fact I think it was gone in a day and a half!

  4. She’s beautiful!! You can just “hear” the love and excitement in your writing.

  5. Oh my…the eyes…she is gorgeous!!!! Many blessings to you & hubby for your new bundle of joy!

  6. Zoe is a very beautiful child. Can you tell us how old Zoe is? I am so happy for you and your husband; that the waiting is finally over.
    I am looking forward to your recipes. Since my daughter’s diagnosis we are a year into the GF cooking. If you can advise we beginners, how to make a cake and not have it fall? They look so beautiful when warm, but then you come back and have a “sink-hole”
    Congratulations on becoming a MOM!!!

  7. Aunt Ginger and I have been waiting for a pic! She is absolutely adorable.

  8. She’s beautiful. Now that I have a kid, I love looking at the similar expressions in similarly-aged kids. Zoe’s expression is priceless: inquisitive and intelligent.

  9. Kate, she is just beautiful, she looks older than the last picture. lol How is that possible? Congrats to you and your husband.

  10. Cynthia Nolan says:

    Dear Kate,

    I stumbled upon your wonderful blog today while looking for encouragement for a friend who just learned that she has to cut gluten from her diet, and stayed to read the wonderful story of Zoe’s arrival, then of course I had to go back and read the whole story from the beginning…! I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for all of you. Your warmth and authenticity, your enthusiasm and your joy in life, all shine through your posts. All the best to the new mom and dad, and baby Zoe!

    Thanks for brightening my week, (and for the super recipes too!).

    Cynthia Nolan

  11. What an adorable face! So glad you are all together now and settling in.

  12. Awwe! Zoe’s adorable =D Congrats!

  13. What Uncle Stevie said…XOXOX Aunt Ging

  14. Zoe is beautiful and looks sooo happy! Love those bangs. 😉 Your family’s happiness radiates this post, Kate. I am so glad!


  15. I am so happy for you KATE!! Zoe is BEAUTIFUL!! 😉 those eyes!! just gorgeous!! I can see why your thoughts would be elsewhere, mine would too! Congrats again! I know you are the bestest mom ever!!

  16. Kate, Zoe is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the picture! I’m happy she’s over her jet lag! The different time zones wreak havoc on adults… I can only imagine how cranky it would make a little one! Enjoy your time together!!!

  17. Oh, what a cutie!

  18. precious. precious.
    i think you are totally justified in your “time away”.

  19. Sweetest little thing!

  20. Seeing a picture of an adorable little baby has never made me so happy – and that’s saying something!

    SO glad she’s happy and HOME!!! :)

  21. Those eyes!!

  22. She is adorable. Congratulations!

  23. glutenfree4goofs says:

    Congrats! Glad she is home safe and happy! She is beautiful and will be the light of your lives.

  24. She is just precious! Take your time with her. Don’t worry about the blog. Each day with her happens but once! We’ll still be here!

  25. Awwww, she is to sweet. What a little blessing she is.
    Enjoy every moment. Don’t rush to blog, we will be patiently waiting for ya. You have been waiting for little Zoe for so long, everyone understands I am sure.

  26. Kate–I have misplaced your email address and couldn’t find where to email you here, but wanted to let you know that I gave you an award on my blog. Please just enjoy it. No pressure to do anything with it … keep loving Zoe and having fun with your Love! 😉


  27. domesticshorthair says:

    She’s adorable! Congratulations!

    We did our I-600/fingerprinting last Friday, so we will go get our daughter soon. We hope.

  28. She is beautiful, Kate! Congratulations!!


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