4 comments on “Happy Halloween!
  1. Friedl says:

    Oh, she ‘s so lovely !

  2. She is soooo precious. We gave away most of the candy that my daughter received from her different activities. She’s not very big on candy other than plain chocolate or chocolate & peanut butter.

  3. Lorraine Rossing says:

    She is so precious! That hair-do suits her to a T.

  4. Karen Lashbrook says:

    Hi! I was surfing for sites for GF recipes, especially bread, since at $9/loaf at our local Celiac bakery, it is awful! However, I happened upon your site, and just wanted to tell you that your little chicklet is just about the CUTEST little thing! She would have us totally wrapped around her little finger! Now on to the rest of your site!! :=) Have a fun holiday season with her!

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