1st Christmas, 1st Black Eye – LOL

A Wordless Wednesday Photo Post.


  1. Holly Varner says:

    Learn now that they usually get hurt before pictures, holidays and Doctor appointments that way everyone you see thinks there being beat! :)

    • OH… I am so learning this quickly! We had to cancel to photog appointments this summer (and never got the pictures done anyway) thanks to scratched up faces, etc. Lovely. LOL. Maybe our Christmas cards will just be a photo of her sleeping. LOL

  2. Poor thing. My daughter decided to cut her hair right before our photos one year. **sigh** We’ve had our fair share of bumps, cuts, and bruises right before pictures as well.

  3. Ouch! Nothing a little make up can’t fix, LOL!

  4. Poor chicklet, though I bet mom is more shaken up then she is. Love the redesigned site!

  5. I guess what I can now say is that they do survive this sort of thing. My youngest daughter fell on her face when she was not quite two years old. She was so cute in her Easter dress with pink Easter bonnet and what we called her “Hitler scar,” a little rectangular scab right across her top lip. That was quite some time ago, as she is now a married woman…

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