G & G leave the scene

Grammy & Grampy's last day with the girls
Grammy & Grampy’s last day with the girls, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

It’s official. Well, wait. A couple things are official and they are as follows:

  1. We are a four person household.
  2. There is no one else in the house who drinks coffee…which means no matter WHAT time I get up… I get to make it.
  3. I am suffering from Mom-Withdrawal.  Seriously.  It’s rather heartache inducing and painful.
  4. My mom and dad have left my girls with HIGH expectations for laugher, love, attention and parenting.  Here’s hoping we can live up to it.
  5. No one can meet your needs like your Mom can.  (Well, okay.. my Love usually can…but he has been back at work since week 2.)
  6. Zoe has adopted Grammy-speak for many things.  Namely the fleece blanket is now called “The Toasty” as in “bundle up and stay toasty”.
  7. It will make your heart sing and you nostalgic mind reel when you see your 2 year old running for hugs and kisses from her Grammy and Grampy.
  8. Grampy’s itchy beard is a FAR second to Grammy’s sweet kisses in the mind of a two year old.
  9. Hauling two kids, groceries, diaper what-nots, etc is NOT going to be easy.  But I can do it.  (It will be easier when I am healed from surgery, I hope!)
  10. I love my parents and so does my Love, the Chicklet and the Peanut.  Oh, we are so very thankful for the help my mom and dad have been able to provide for the last six weeks.  Truly.  Thank you, guys.


  1. Ahh, yes. There is nothing like your mom being there, is there? I can still remember that I cried and cried when my mom had to go home (after my babies were born), but she did have to go back home and work her job, etc. I miss her so much.

  2. You can do it! It’s tough though. I remember the first day I had the twins and Adia on my own because my mom went back to work. It was tough, but it gets easier. Now we’re back to that point again. I just had a whole summer with my mom here, but school starts again. My 3yo is NOT happy that her grandma has to go back to work.

  3. When we took my mom to the airport after my first child was born I sobbed the whole way home! My husband was so surprised!! There is nothing better than having our Mom’s there with us. But even though she lives far away (1000 miles) I have found out in the last 17 years that she is always just a phone call away! And visits are extra special too!

    Good luck with your babies. Such busy days and such fun days! Enjoy!!

  4. I love hearing my son using all of my family words too– it almost makes them there even when they’re not. With my first, my family was all the way on the west coast while I was on the east coast. Now that I’m back close to my childhood home, I’m sooo lucky to have my family close by with our new little one.

    My DH goes back to work on Friday — he’s had 2 months of leave and has been wonderful. This is my first big adjustment. Next comes back to work in October.

    Kate, are you going to be able to take some time away from school?

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