Photo Friday


Yum.  GF Pizza *at a restaurant* with buddies.

Oh yes. The power of the GF community means that eating out is so much easier.  Even in my semi-little town.

I love it.
And I love pizza.  😉


  1. The power of community is SO important! I’m learning this in my TINY community as well! :-) We’re working on a few restaurants for the whole pizza thing! :-)

  2. OMG — is that iTalia?! I miss their pizza — I’ve been stuck with salads — now they do have great salads — but they have GF pizza now?!

    • Yes, Karen. It was the i.Talia by the mall. :)

      And yep – GF Pizza!

      (Ask for it to be served HOT though… mine was a tad cold. Wonder if the crusts are frozen or refrigerated thus colder than other/reg pizza crusts?)

  3. I am lucky to live in Asheville, NC. Huge GF community and options compared with most towns, I must say.. Love the photo, looks awesome!

  4. Love this. I live in the UK and Gluten free food and understanding is only sonmething that has become easier in the last few yeas, however it isn’t that great. I visited the U.S back in 1991 and was amazed that we would get corn bread easy in the supermarkets. Then a few years ago i went to NY and it was so great for me to eat out there. Great blog and hope that the UK quickly steps up to the US standards!

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