UPDATE: New Product: Mike’s *LITE* Hard Lemonade

MAY 18, 2011

I had a reaction, thus the withdrawal of my recommendation.

————EDITED TO ADD—————–

So there are quite a few questions about Mike’s via email already.  First and foremost, let me just say this:  It is a PERSONAL choice the GF foods you choose to eat or not.  Here is the answer provided by Mike’s in regards to the gluten free status of the Lite Hard Lemonade (which is what they claim to be GF) (the regular Hard Lemonade is NOT gluten free) when I posed the question about it’s gluten free status of the LITE version:

I wish that Mike’s would have used the Gluten Free Certification Organization to certify their product.  (In fact, I posted such a request/suggestion on their facebook page AND have sent an email to the company.  Please feel free to do the same.)  PLEASE make your own decision about this and ALL of your gluten free products.  

I, for one, am thrilled that manufacturers have “discovered” us as a market with the money to demand changes.  Now, let’s see if they respond to our absolute needs of having a standard for the term GLUTEN FREE.  (And to lend your voice to this effort, please don’t forget to support/stop by the “1 in 133” organization who is pushing for these efforts.)

For now, this batch of Mike’s is OUTTA here. =( After having a 1/2 a bottle last night, my body is REBELLING today. I’m CRUSHED. And these remaining bottles are on the way to a buddy’s house tomorrow. My health is NOT worth it. I’m back to my wine-every 3 Thanksgivings for now.

Well… until I can get another Cosmo like I had in San Antonio at that piano bar on the river. oh YEAH!

……….ORIGINAL POST…………. 5/17/2011

*Ages ago* before my GF diagnosis, I went on a conference trip to Boston.  (Incredibly RARE event for teachers!)  I couldn’t believe I was at a professional conference – in another state (!), being treated to a cocktail party (hello?  shrimp platters and waiters?? I’m a teacher!), and with an open bar (!).  It was surreal.  And it was outside and SWELTERING.  I was dying.  My bottle of water was good, but I wanted something refreshing.  The bartender suggested I try a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (NOT GF).  Oh, yes!  I love lemonade and it was good.  (And this endorsement comes from someone who drinks less often than Thanksgiving comes around, people.)

Since being diagnosed, I have occasionally sipped a glass of wine (ho hum) or a bottle of hard cider (better, but still).  Until NOW.  Yesterday,  swung into GF Joe’s (our local GF rockin’ market) and BEHOLD:  A shelf filled with Mike’s LITE Hard Lemonade ( which they claim to be GF).  It’s on!  Summer most definitely MUST be coming now, right?

Wahoo!  GF Lite Hard Lemonade!  Thank you, Mike’s!  (SEE EDITED NOTE BELOW)

Now… stop raining, Seattle!  Bring on the sun, the fun, and the BBQing!



  1. Wow…So happy there’s a lite version now!

  2. That is so exciting! I used to love drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade before going GF. One thing worries me though and while this does not say about the light version, it says it is made with a malt base that includes barley. Then it goes to described that through sensitive testing, it is determined to be GF. I wonder how that is so and if someone could maybe explain how that could be lol, I would appreciate it.

    Here is the link and the first question asks, do your products contain gluten.
    “Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co. products available in the US are made with a premium malt base (fermented barley and hops like traditional beer) that is then further processed using a highly specialized, multi-stage filtration process. Highly sensitive tests from an independent lab analysis indicate that mike’s® products do not contain any traces of gluten protein (including hordein).” http://www.mikeshard.com/faq.php?cat=Ingredients

  3. Wow…how’d they do that? I never even had the original Mike’s drinks.

  4. Christine says:

    I had a Mike’s Lite (GF) last night and will NEVER drink this again. I ended getting the GI issues from my Celiac Disease all over again. I wish this didn’t happen because it tasted amazing, just wish that I didn’t have a side effect.


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