Congratulations! and other tidbits

First, let me just say


to the Safeway Gift Card Winners:  Cara and Kim.  (Names were chosen using  I will be sending both of you a $25.00 gift card for groceries (GROCERIES!  I LOVE that!) to you this week.  You can use your gift card in any of the Safeway stores for gas or groceries.  Seriously – what great timing in our economy but a little spring-love in the form of FREE gas or groceries!  Sweetness!  Thank you, Safeway, for the gift cards for the GiveAway.


And while you are out shopping gluten free this month, take a minute to help the newbie standing next to you.  Remember how it felt to be out shopping and feeling overwhelmed?  How the 40 minute grocery trip became the FOUR HOUR grocery saga?  Now’s your turn to spread the wealth of knowledge.  And what perfect timing.  After all, May *is* Celiac Awareness Month!

Honestly, I feel like everyday is Celiac Awareness/Gluten-Free Eating awareness – and that’s a GOOD THING in my world!)  Another way to kick off the month is to check out the 1 in 133 Summit.  Click on the link to get more information and dream of taking bites out of the World’s largest gluten-free cake just like I will.  I’m so excited to know there is a summit to push the gluten-free world further.

Especially in light of the articles I’m reading about HOW LONG it is taking the FDA to move on making a standard for Gluten Free labeling.  It is driving me WILD.  Really?  10 years?  Come on, people!  Let’s get it together.

(And then thinking that it takes 10 years to move ahead… makes me forever grateful that I don’t work through that obvious slog of red-tape too.  BLECH.)

Big Sis

Reason #1

Happy baby = Happy Momma
Reason #2

Also, tomorrow there will be some new Gluten Free Ratio Rally posts about scones.  I’m sad to say that with baby & toddler keeping us SO busy this month, I never got a chance to whip any scones up or play around with flavors.  Suffice it to say, I have been brewing and stewing an excellent scone recipe to share with my mom.  She’s coming soon – the Chicklet turns three in just under two weeks (THREE!).  I will make some scones with my mom.  I’m thinking cinnamon nugget scones.  She loves cinnamon chips and I think I can take that on.  :)

What are your favorite scone recipes?

I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with tomorrow!  I shall be drooling while I’m grading papers tomorrow night!

Happy GF Adventures!

PS.  Photos of my almost-recovered munchkins.  They might be sickly, but they are MINE! What a lucky woman am I!  I noticed the other day just how much more tired I am – (it’s unreal!) – than ever before.  But I would not change an iota of my life.  Well… I would do away with any need for antibiotics, investments in Kleenex, etc.  But after that?  Nah.  I’d be good.


  1. your daughters are so adorable! thank you for all the recipes you give us. Yours are my favorite to make and eat.

  2. maryanne says:

    Your children are beautiful, and have great smiles even thought they’re little sicklets :)

    You’ve got your hands full with the two of them, it’s no wonder the time gets away from you. I hope the recipe turns out well!

  3. Very cute children :) I especially like the Buzz LIGHTYEAR bib.

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