UPDATE: No longer recommend: Mike’s LITE

A few short days ago I was THRILLED to walk in to my local GF market and see bottles of MIke’s Lite Hard Lemonade.  (I wrote about it here.)

Today, I’m sad to say that after consuming 1/2 bottle, I’ve been suffering from a gluten reaction (and all that entails).  Anxiety, foggy-brain, cramping/side pains, painful skin rash, etc.

I attempted to pursue more information and ask the company to pursue Gluten Free Certification status through GFCO.  Maybe someday they will.

Until then, I will remain Mike’s -FREE.

I’m so sorry to have posted in haste and with zeal.  It was thrilling to see the possibilities, but the risk is just NOT worth it to ME.

As with ALL things GF, each of us has to make our own choices, read labels and play detectives.

BUMMER, huh?

Ah well.  It’s back to regular lemonade.  Which is fine.  At least this way I can share with the girls! :)



  1. oh no! that stinks kate!! Well, I hate you had to find out that way and it’s once again a reason why we NEED labeling laws for GF!!! So glad you contacted the company! :-) ((((hugs!)))) hope you feel better soon!

  2. Wow Kate sorry you aren’t feeling good and that this happened. Hope you feel better soon.


  3. That’s okay because homemade limeade+gin (Rangpur is best)+ marachino cherry on top is 1000x better than a Mike’s. I don’t even like gin or limes but put them together and it is sooo refreshing for summer!

  4. That seems so weird to me… I’ve been off gluten for a little over a year but can still have even the regular Mike’s with no problem…haven’t had the lite… I know it has malt, but something about the way it’s distilled the gluten doesn’t effect me? idk

  5. Jacqueline says:

    I drank those prior to going GF and once I did, boy-o-boy was I sick. Removing gluten is not good enough to me. No gluten to begin with is the only way I can eat, drink or wear make-up etc.

    But I did love those once upon a time!

    Here is what I do now, given that I am a working girl who cannot always find the time to cook, let alone use a juicer to make my own from scratch: I use San Pellegrino Limonata sodas and add a splash (or more!) of ice cold vodka. They actually taste better than Mike’s and have quite the kick if you add a fair amount of vodka. They are lightly sparkling and so yummy. I have done it with the orange ones too, but added a twist of lime. Delish!

    Thanks for the update.

  6. So sorry, Kate! Thanks for letting us know immediately. Your reaction tells me all I want to know. Hope you feel better soon, dear!

    I do like Jacqueline’s idea though. 😉


  7. Oh man, sorry you got glutenized! Thanks for taking responsibility and posting about it right away.

  8. So sorry to hear! Are you doing better now? I find I can’t do anything that’s “GF” through distillation – if it starts with gluteny grains, even after distillation, my body doesn’t like it much. It’s a big bummer because I used to love whiskey….
    Hope the reaction passed relatively quickly!

  9. I’m so sorry that happened kate :(

  10. I”m so sorry that happened. They should really have better regulations or something :(

  11. I tried the Mike’s Light over 4th of July based on a friend’s recommedation and was sick for 2 days. Just can’t risk having it again :(

    So glad I found your blog! I added you to my Google reader!

  12. Christine says:

    I as well got sick from drinking this beverage. Can’t risk ever drinking this again.

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