Got a guess what this is?

I’ve made this so many times… I actually stopped making it for several years because, well, quite honestly?  I didn’t like it.

I guess I kept eating it because I *thought* I *should* like it.  What a dumb reason to eat it! LOL

But now?  I LOVE IT!  (But only when prepared like this.  LOL!)

Do you know what this is?

Can you guess what this is?

Do you like it?

How do prepare yours and what do you do with it?

I’ll share this recipe later, I guess.  I’m off to get the girls at daycare!

Happy Tuesday, all!


  1. My guess is… polenta. I tried it once, and it had an unpleasant texture and bland taste.
    So if it IS polenta, I’d be willing give it another try– I’m sure your recipe tastes as good as it looks!

  2. It looks like polenta.

  3. Looks a bit like polenta.

  4. Polenta was my guess too. Or maybe cold cornmeal mush.

  5. Polenta!

  6. Polenta! I keep it in slices, add sauteed mushrooms and cheese on the top and bake it for about 15 mins. Yum!

  7. Maree Plane says:

    Ah! I’ve always wanted to try polenta, how is it prepared, please?

  8. Polenta is what I thought of as soon as I saw it.

  9. It’s corn meal mush. I just had some for breakfast with maple syrup. :)

  10. Polenta! I make it initially with parmesan cheese, put it in a form, let it cool, slice it, fry it, and then douse it with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese! Yum! My boyfriend, who isn’t gluten free, loves it too.

    Plus, if you can’t eat it all, it makes a great treat for dogs! (our dogs are spoiled brats!)

  11. Polenta…first time I had it was in a fancy Italian restaurant after seeing Cats in L.A. It was grilled and topped with grilled mushrooms and cheese….very good.

  12. polenta…looks like it’s made with white corn, though.

  13. Deanne C. says:

    Yeps, I’m thinking Polenta too!

  14. Elizabeth says:

    Polenta or grits as a Southerner would say. When chilled they firm up and can be sliced. I like to dredge in a seasoned flour and fry them. Delicious. Also nice grilled (char lines look great) or pan sauteed. Yum!!

  15. polents yes…it is excellent with a good marinara sauce and of course grated cheese on top

  16. looks like polenta to me! Love the stuff, especially grilled or pan-fried with butter, sauced with homemade tomato sauce or et with roasted root veggies.

  17. Corn Meal Mush! Fry it in butter until it forms a nice brown surface. Top it with real maple syrup. It’s been many years since I’ve had it but I should treat myself before long. Serve it with nice, big link sausage.

  18. rhubygirl says:

    i agree. that’s mush/polenta/grits. :)
    i would be interested to try your recipe, if you’re not liking it, it just might need a tweak. i like yellow corn polenta better than white corn, too….that might be a challenge for your house.

    my favorite is fried in a cast-iron skillet in a TINY bit of butter in the pan (not on the polenta), with asparagus cooked in the same pan for the same amount of time. a tiny bit crusty/browned, use the asparagus turning perfect for the right amount of brown on the polenta. for breakfast.

    i’m not a fan of mooshy/loose polenta, although some of my fellow italians wouldn’t dream of eating it firm. *shrug* different strokes for different folks. they make it loose and eat it with spaghetti sauce. *shudder*

  19. In Argentina we make it with a “topping” of a homemade tomato and meat sauce (like a Bolognesa) + cheese, in that order: Polenta, tomato, cheese (that melts), classic, old school, winter meal at home, kind of like Americans eat the mac and cheese.

  20. LOVE polenta.. but I make is “soft” by using a 4:1 ratio.

    I boil 2 c. chicken stock, slowly add 1/2 c. polenta, stirring. Lower the heat, cook for 20 minutes or until tender (I live in Montana so it takes longer).

    I love it with veggies primavera, bolognese sauce, lemon chicken or just cheese.

    Soft is best because it’s used more like pasta, and because I’m gluten free, it’s the closest substance for soaking up the sauces and flavors of the dinner.

    Try it. Delish.

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