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GF Turkey Tenderloin Roast

Gobble. Gobble.  (Or so my sister’s Thanksgiving phone calls always begin.  But it’s April and I’m gobbling like a turkey.  While you might be thinking  I’ve gone ’round the bend (almost!), I’m just happy to find a flavorful, speedy GLUTEN FREE dinner staple!

I avoid marinated meats, etc in the meat department for obvious reasons.  But more than once, I’ve checked out the ingredients listed on some Jennie O products.  I have avoided them in the past – if it has things listed that I cannot pronounce and/or do not know for SURE that they be gluten free, I don’t buy it.  Better safe than sorry.  If not for just me, than for the rest of my family who has to suffer through my foggy-brain and other aftereffects (crabby! painful! etc!) with me.

At Thanksgiving, my Love finds a fresh turkey from a local farm.  But throughout the year, I’ve been known to drive my chicken-eating family crazy by subbing in ground turkey for their chicken in several recipes.  And while they say they can “always tell”, I don’t believe them.  It’s all in how you cook it.

And the turkey roast of days gone by, the ones I remember from my younger days fondly.  The ones that I am CERTAIN they used for “mashed potato and turkey/gravy” at school.  (Yes, I know it grosses some of you out – but really, I love mashed potatoes and that turkey/gravy stuff!)  THOSE days are LONG gone.  The turkey roasts that they sell are NOT gluten free.

So, instead, I look for turkey breasts to roast myself.  Lately, I can only find them in the freezer section. Why, I do not know.  And it’s not too helpful – they take a bit to defrost and quite a bit more time to prepare for dinner.  (And I have dried them out trying to cook them in a slow cooker.  Really – my slow cooker hates me.)

Since the marinated turkey tenderloins were MARINATED, I didn’t give them much notice.  It looked delicious, but I just figured they had gluten in them.  But guess what:  THEY are GLUTEN FREE!  Jennie O has created a list of their gluten free products here for you to peruse.  And their marketing department is helping promote it by offering $5.00 coupons for bloggers to give away.


<DISCLAIMER:  I was not paid by Jennie O for this review.  I was given 6 $5.00 coupons for a give-away.  This is the only “compensation” for this posting.  I am not keeping any of the coupons for myself.  All are up for the giveaway.>

PS.  Rory says the toy is not up for Give-Away (neither is she).

I love the Applewood Smoked turkey tenderloin.  I can easily prepare it in a dutch oven on the stove top while prepping veggies and fruit for dinner. It cooks quick enough to qualify for a speedy-weekday meal for us.  Since our day starts about 5:00AM and we don’t get home for dinner until 4:45PM or later, food that is easy to prepare and quick is all the rage in our house.  And really?  These tenderloin are perfect.  The girls like how moist they stay.  And the adults like the flavor and versatility.

I’ve used the tenderloin for tacos, just as is (sliced), salad topping, bi-bim-bap meat (rice, veggies, meat, fried egg = topped with spicy sauce (if desired) or as is), turkey-corn soup, Asian peanut salad, Asian Turkey + Mixed cabbage cole slaw, etc.  It’s easy.

Of the products listed on their page, I also tried the “natural” tenderloin.  But to be honest, I was completely put-off by the fact that they add sugar (!!!) to the tenderloin in the marinade.  Really – I didn’t expect it.  It basically listed sugar, baking soda and parsley.  Definitely not a marinade I make at home.  It wasn’t very flavorful for me either and we could taste the sugar.  Not my fave.  The Applewood Smoked version is hands-down the winner between the two.

I really wish Jennie O would put the INGREDIENT list on their web page.  That is a huge missing piece for me.  I know what their products are – but I’m not willing to go buy them until I know what the ingredients are.  It would be great if it was all listed on their page somewhere.  That is the one big missing piece for me on their site.

NOTE:  Jennie O uses allergen testing but is not certified gluten free.  Mainly main stream companies are in the same situation with their gluten free labeling.  Until the Food and Drug Administration passes at GLUTEN FREE LABELING LAW (which is languishing), the label can mean many things.  Shirley of GFEasily posted her comments about this on her page.  And you can always contact the company if you have specific questions or concerns.


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  1. PattyBoots says:

    I would love to have a coupon! My favorite “quickie” is to try to transform whatever leftovers there are in the ‘frig into something edible and fun. Like the other night, I had a couple baked potatoes, some pepperoni, some pizza sauce, some ground pork, some mozzarella and some black olives. I turned it into a “potato pizza casserole” and it was delicious!

  2. I follow you on FB.

  3. My favorite quick meals are turkey burgers, grilled fish, or grilled chicken.

  4. My quick meals are chicken in crockpot with BBQ, speghetti sauce, or salsa poured on top! :)

  5. I follow on FB

  6. Breaksfast for dinner is my go to quick meal. My family loves any type of hot breaksfast and I can get it on the table in under 20 minutes.

  7. I like you on Facebook.

  8. It’s always great to find a gluten free, quick meal idea. Thanks for the info! My favorite quick meal is crockpot BBQ chicken. I’ve been making my own GFCF sauce for it and love it!

  9. lots of stir fry’s, with different ingredients & including hot or sweet Italian sausage (jenny-o)

  10. rhubygirl says:

    i like you on facebook. :)
    and my favorite quick meal is any crockpot one. i’m sorry yours hates you. we should give it a talking to.

  11. Gramma22 says:

    Our quick go-to meal is tater tot casserole – made with g/f cream of mushroom soup! We keep on keeping on!

  12. My favorite quick meal is an egg bake! I’m a follower-thanks for the opportunity to win!

  13. My fave quick dinner meal is grilled chicken wrap

  14. follow on FB
    Jessie c

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  16. Fave quick meal is a curry. YUMMY. Follow you by email.
    Love the turkey, have been eating a while too.

  17. Hey Kate – if your stove has a Delayed Start Feature, you might find that a convenient way to have a meal ready since your Crock Pot Hates you (How Dare it!). I tried this on my stove once and it was so great! I put in a frozen in my case, meatless dish, in the oven when I got up, set the timer to turn the stove on at the designated time, set the temp and viola! Upon arriving back home that evening my house smelled so good with comfort food cooking, and we were nearly ready to eat. Worked out great, and if you have this feature on your stove, you might try it for some of the frozen Jennie-O’s. The photo you posted looks divine!

  18. My favorite quick meal is taco salad!

  19. Joyce Hawkinson says:

    My favorite quick meal starts with salad fixings including greens, a couple of vegetables (carrot, onion, broccoli), avocado; a fruit, dried or fresh, a nut, and a cheese. Then I add some sliced cooked meat and a freshly mixed dressing using olive oil, and there’s our healthy meal! Can’t wait to try this with the Applewood Smoked Turkey Tenderloin, some sliced apples, roasted pecans and Feta cheese. Yum!

  20. Liked you on FB!

  21. my favorite quick dinner is scrambled eggs and whatever else I can find in the fridge. Kids love breakfast for dinner :-)

  22. The Jennie O raw turkey sausages are awesome. In the summer, I grill them whole and serve with grilled peaches and salad. In the winter, I slice them open and cook the insides. I add onions, white beans, gf pasta, and mascarpone (and some spices). Delicious!

  23. My fave quick dinner meal is chicken tortilla soup.

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  26. Lovin any and all recipes and suggestions, keep them coming!

  27. Patty O. says:

    I love Jennie O turkey tenderloins! The Cajun butter flavor makes an awesome wrap using GF wraps of course! I buy them all the time! I say bring on more flavors!

  28. Quick dinner is rice mixed with chicken broth; chicken and mixed vegetables.

  29. catwranger says:

    Quickie? I think my favorite quickie is an omelet. It is Spring, so the chickens are rolling out the eggs like nobody’s business and I make cheese and leftover omelets!

  30. english pizza muffins thanks

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  32. I love to remake leftovers, whip up some quick tacos, or a quesadilla for a quick and easy dinner

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  34. Alaine88 says:

    I’d love to win!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  35. Alaine88 says:

    My fave quick dinner is omlettes
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  36. Our quick meal favorites: taco salad; scrambled eggs and turkey sausage; or omelets, with various fillers/toppings.

  37. I shred a cooked turkey breast and add some mexican spices…. throw it on corn tortilla’s. YUM!

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