Gluten Free Chicken Potstickers

Apparently there is something about the end of May that makes me crave potstickers! When I sat down to look up my recipe, the date brought me back. FOUR years ago Saturday I posted this recipe for gluten free potstickers. And I’m off to make a huge batch for the freezer for weeknight meals and another for the Holiday Weekend BBQ with friends. YUM! Anyone want to come help crimp the dough? (I’m not so fab at that part. LOL!)


  1. I made a big batch of potstickers a few weeks ago. I use my hand-crank pasta roller (which has not yet been used for actual pasta) to roll out the dough. It makes nice even thickness sheets of dough.

  2. your potstickers changed my life. I make this wrapper recipe ALL the time, when I serve them to people they are always astonished that they are not only gluten free, but hand made.

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