Yummy photos

Make enough #glutenfree tortilla soup and you have the perfect lunch. :D

So easy. I just tossed in whatever veggies were on hand. (It’s also a perfect way to hide squash from my Love. LOL!)


Found the perfect salmon bugers/patty at Costco. YUM. And they make great wrapped up “tacos” or whatever too. Rudy’s GF Tortillas to the resuce again.


Seriously – talk about opening up a rainbow in your kitchen. Too bad the CSA season is over.


They will miss it too.  Nothing like finding a pumpkin in a box!  Surprise!



  1. Varenikje says:

    That soup looks great! So does the tortilla wrap. Rudi’s, you say?

  2. Linda Haley says:

    Wish I could find the Rudi’s tortillas around here to try. No luck yet.

  3. Varenikje says:

    Yep. Even our local Safeway (no, there is no Wholefoods Market here) doesn’t have them yet. But they say that they will soon. Sigh. BTW, it is Rudi’s, not Rudy’s… (don’t tell my kids I said that)

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