Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 1

So here it goes – a day’s worth of my gluten free eats.   Day 1

If you are curious about this idea, please read this post for more information.


Missing from my pictures today:  The peach I ate for breakfast (last pieces stolen from my plate while I went to get my cell phone for a photo…LOL) and the three pieces of cucumber sushi roll I ate with my dinner.  😀

Breakfast:   Cottage cheese, water, peaches





July 1:  Breakfast

Lunch:  GIANT salad with sesame dressing and water  (And a 1/2 scoop of steamed rice.  I seriously love rice with my salads lately… I don’t know why….)  I left the tomato slices on the plate.  Blech.  There is something about the texture of a tomato that does not do it for me.

July 1 lunch

Dinner:  Chicken, veggie and rice stir-fry, water and dessert  – an ice cream sandwich!  Yum!  (It was 93F in our house tonight…totally worth the ice cream cooling treat to me.)

July 1 dinner


July 1:  dessert


And you?  What did you eat today?

Happy GF Everyday Eats – totally doable, right?


  1. Kathy Peterson says:

    Lemme think. For breakfast I had an omelet made with egg whites and cheese, green pepper and onion inside and a corn tortilla fried till just a little brown. For lunch, I ate a sunbutter Go Picnic meal (had a fruit/nut mix, fruit leather, sunbutter, gluten free crackers and probably something else, but I am not sure. It is included in the Go Picnic meal. For supper I had a hamburger on an Udi’s bun and some tater tots. I had coffee, water and water to drink for the three meals.

  2. Terri Davila says:

    Breakfast: Coffee, toast with melted cheese
    Lunch: baked salmon, green beans, coleslaw
    Dinner: gf chex cereal, milk
    Snack: Homemade Iced frappuccino made with almond milk
    Today was not the greatest day for eats. I usually don’t eat out much since it does hit the wallet,( 3 guys in my family…enough said) so most of our meals & snacks are homemade.

  3. Terri Davila says:

    Lol, little fingers snatched the peach slices :) This is wonderful what you are doing especially for the newly diagnosed. This is a little daunting at first but the possibilities are endless.

  4. Cheryl Caplan says:

    Breakfast: omelet with lots of avocado and tomatoes
    Lunch: buffalo burger on green beans & almonds with dessert of raspberries stuffed each with a chocolate chip
    Dinner: garden-fresh squash, broccoli, mushroom & onion stir-fry with natural beef hot dogs and a chopped salad of cucumber, avocado, apple, & zucchini with lemon juice/olive oil vinaigrette. Dessert was watermelon and more chocolate chips. (I’m testing the beef hot dogs to see how I react to them (plus my husband bought them for a barbecue last weekend and we didn’t use them yet)).

  5. Zanne14 says:

    My doctor thinks I may be sensitive. I have been tested, multiple times, and I am not celiac. But I am going gluten free for a test period, but I can’t eat fruit, vegetables or many dairy products due to other health issues. So your test day would basically leave me with rice, chicken and water. I am hungry all the time. I don’t want to eat all the gluten free alternative products because I feel like they are just way too caloric for the most part. I am looking forward to seeing future days to see what other days look like. Any suggestions?

  6. Breakfast: Smoothie w/celery, spinach, banana, frozen “tropical” fruit blend, plain Greek yogurt & almond milk; some cantalope
    Lunch: Stir-fry at HuHot!
    Dinner: Turkey tenderloin, steamed broccoli, sauteed onions/mushrooms/zucchini, and fresh raspberries
    Snacks: String cheese, KIND bar, green bell pepper strips, cherries

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