Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 16

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Happy birthday to my littlest imp….Life has not been the same since 11:50PM on July 16, 2010 and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I saved up my calories today because we went out to eat for birthday dinner.  So glad I did!  Lunch (for me) consisted of cupcake tasting.  Ha!  Does that count?  😀



Breakfast:  Scrambled eggs with a bit of parmesan and garlic, handful of gluten free tortilla chips and 3/4 cup of grapes. Coffee.  Definitely coffee.  😀

Day 16 breakfast

(This is by far the most bizarre purple hued picture ever.)

Lunch:  Honestly, I was too busy feeding little people and attempting to create a new cupcake recipe to eat.  Don’t worry, I made up for it by eating a cupcake fresh out of the oven. All in the name of recipe creation. 😀

Day 16 birthday cupcakes feature

Dinner:  (At a chain restaurant with a gluten free menu and remarkably, a knowledgeable server.  joy!)  Appetizer:  chips and “queso blanco” (Not really a word in Spanish – just a melted white cheese with peppers, etc).  Dinner:  Wedge salad with Green Goddess dressing and a 4 ounce blackened sirloin.  (I didn’t eat the potatoes in the photo…they were…ummm… strange texture and I passed.)  Water with dinner and an Irish Whiskey (sans the  non-gluten free canned whipping cream).

Day 16 dinner

Day 16 coffee

Dessert:  After some evening games and joy, we sat down to some birthday cupcakes.  (Whipped cream “frosting”)  They were yummy and spongy.  I think we’ve found a new recipe.  😀  My husband says they taste like a “soft French chiffon” ….  I just think it tasted lovely.  I don’t worry about the comparison – but it is helpful to have someone who can give better descriptions that I around when I’m trying to write things up!  😀

Day 16 birthday cupcake dessert

Hope you all had a wonderful, gluten free Tuesday!



  1. Happy birthday to your littlest! I would like to eat everything on this page, please. (Except that my dairy-free gut would now allow much of it, but I would like to anyway.) Especially the cupcakes. And now I want to know why your husband knows what a soft French chiffon tastes like (and even what that is, exactly). That’s awesome.

    I skipped a day because it was notably boring and a repeat of a previous day, I’m sure. Yesterday, Day 16, it was a GF brownie for breakfast and coffee, followed by an egg sometime later. Lunch was a roast beef lettuce wrap from Jimmy John’s and chips. Dinner was BBQ chicken made in the crockpot over rice and a mixed greens salad with veggies and strawberries on top with basil olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I had a fresh peach during the day sometime as a snack.

  2. Faye Berry says:

    Beautiful little girl! and the cupcakes look wonderful

  3. Carol Cripps says:

    Will we eventually see the cupcake recipe here? I would love such a cupcake to share with friends, especially in strawberry season, or topped with saucy, maple-y wild blueberries and cream. (Just use frozen berries, a bit of maple syrup and cornstarch to thicken, cook till glossy and saucy) See: Perfect with soft, spongy cupcakes and whipped cream.

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