Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 2

Day 2

(If you are wondering what is going on… please read this post.)



Man!  I was busy today – just running around with the girls.  In fact, I was so wiped out, I fell asleep putting them to bed.  (Surely I am not the only mom who does this, right?)  😀

Here are my meals for the day:

Breakfast:  Rudi’s tortilla’s with egg, sea salt and cracked pepper (cooked egg on top of tortilla in a pan, top like a quesadilla, flip), some cherries and coffee

Breakfast - Day 2



Lunch:  A lunch pizza (Glutino crust (thawed), in a pan topped with fresh garlic oil, a couple slices of turkey, egg, and feta cheese = baked then topped with seaweed (sesame seaweed).  Served with cantaloupe.  (PS.  While my husband wrinkled his nose at the mere thought of seaweed on my pizza, he had no trouble eating 2 slices.  LOL)  Water to drink.

GF Everyday Eats Lunch, Day 2


Dinner:  Rosemary-oil grilled chicken, honey & thyme quinoa, fresh spinach salad with homemade strawberry-balsamic dressing and watermelon.  Water to drink.  

Dinner day 2


Tomorrow will be interesting to see what I end up eating.  My post will be late.  Not only do we have a morning playdate out of the house (with lunch, most likely, on the go as well) but we are going to a friend’s house for a 4th of July Fireworks buffet.  I’m sure I will eat more than my share, but yes, it will be challenging.  And yet, it is totally doable.  Just wait and see.

And you?  What did you eat today?

Hasta mañana – and until then – Happy Gluten Free Eats, everyone!


  1. Kathy Peterson says:

    Maybe I am a day off on this, because today isn’t over yet. So far, I had the last piece of a gluten free pie that a friend of mine made for me. Rhubarb and some kind of blackberry… She is a great cook and it was wonderful. Lunch, I had a hummus Go Picnic thingie, so a couple of nut mixes and a chocolate wafer and some gluten free crackers. I haven’t figured out dinner yet. I will add that later.

    Is it just me, or are not very many people responding to this.

  2. Kathy Peterson says:

    Okay, and for dinner, I ate at a friend’s house (same person that made the pie, by the way) and I had kind of a nachos-ey thing with corn chips and a meat/bean mixture on top with tomatoes and a fairly large green salad. Skipped the noodley thing that went on the salad and this friend also made lasagna (with gluten noodles) for the other guests.

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