Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 20

Today while playing outside with the girls, I thought I would kick back for a bit.  I brought my cell phone outside to check email etc while the girls played.  It’s cold here in the mornings – so they were wearing sweatshirts.  Not long after playing in the sun, however, they took off the sweaters.  It meant a pile of sweatshirts next to the coffee.  I put my cell phone on top of their sweatshirts…and not long after I heard the unmistakeable gurgle of something being dropped.  O.o  

I couldn’t save it.  It was completely fried.

My stomach churned when I did a little reading online and saw that Verizon was going to charge us $550 for a replacement phone.  (TOTALLY NOT happening.)  So Plan B – bring it in to Apple Store (we had purchased extended warranty there) and get out the old cell phones to charge (just in case).  Seriously?  I’ve never been so happy to have purchased an extended warranty ($99/2 years) from a company in my life.  Phone was replaced for $50!  Thank goodness. 

However, this means that I have pictures of breakfast yesterday (Saturday – Day 20) but no other meals.  😀  


Breakfast:  Homemade migas (eggs, tortillas, roasted veggies, onions/garlic), a few chicken sausages (I had “help” eating mine and ended up with just one), fruit, coffee and water.

Day 20 breakfast

Lunch:  A white peach and some water.  (Breakfast was huge!)

Dinner:  Bi-bim-bap and water.  YUM!  (Do you know what bi-bim-bap is?  It’s basically blanched/seasoned (salt and sesame oil) veggies with steamed rice and a fried egg on top.  Common veggies are:  mung beans, carrots, spinach and burdock.  I have not found any of the traditional red chile paste that is put on top that is gluten free.  I can’t wait until I do!  It adds so much to the flavor.  And while sriracha *is* gluten free, it is not the same flavor as the traditional Korean red paste that accompanies bibimbap.  My search continues.)  😀

I now have a functioning phone, but nothing is set up and ready to go.  Maybe that is the 2nd biggest pain?  The first was the freak out about having to figure out replacement plan if necessary.   The second?  Definitely resetting everything on it.  :S  Alas, I did not have my phone set to back up everything.  Oh well.  Live and learn, right?

Happy Weekend!


  1. what is burdock?

    BTW – – I get gf green & red chile paste at my local Asian grocer in a can about the size of a tuna can – – can’t find it for the brand right now, but,
    try Google “recipes, homemade asian chile paste/sauce.”


    Be well and be good to you!

  2. PS:
    Chnage that Google to “recipes, allergen (or gluten) free homemade Asian chile sauce.”

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