Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 3

Today was busy (probably MUCH too busy if you can judge it based on the fact that it is 11PM, my kids have *just* gotten home and put to bed and they have been in meltdown mode for about an hour….).  We got up early, went to the water park, ate lunch (out), ran errands (out), took a short nap (45 minutes), then off to eat dinner (out) and watch fireworks (out).  Yeap.  I’m fried.

And honestly, I’m ready to pack it in myself.  Thank goodness the whole house can sleep in tomorrow (or at least until 6:30AM!).


Here goes Day 3.

Breakfast:  Cheese-free “quesadilla”.  (Okay… it was a version of peanut butter toast.  LOL)  Apple slices.  Coffee.

Peanut Butter "quesadilla" and apple slices

Lunch:  (Out)  Wedge salad with Green Goddess Dressing, bacon and pine nuts.  (Not pictured:  overly salty 3 ounes of blackened sirloin which arrived late).  Water to drink.  (Also not pictured:  My fro-yo dessert treat:  vanilla frozen yogurt)

Wedge Salad

Dinner:  Chicken “fajita” mix (no tortilla, just chips), fruit, veggies, etc.  Water to drink.  (I put the rice/beans on my plate…but didn’t end up eating them.  Too much food!)



Over all – too much food out of the house makes me feel sluggish.  I’m terrible at portions when eating out.  I’m not so great at home.. but eating out?  Blech.  Worse.  I’m looking forward to a light food day tomorrow.  And lots of water.  I’m feeling like I need to drink more!

-What have you been eating?  I love reading the comments here, seeing the photos on Flickr, hearing your reports/comments via posts and messages on Facebook, getting feedback via email, etc.  Thank you for that.  Let’s keep it going!

Happy 4th of July All – 


  1. This is such a great idea. I’ve thought about sharing something like this for a long time since people do wonder what gluten-free (and also dairy-free for me) looks like. We’ve been on vacation for a few days, but yesterday it was two boiled eggs, GF sausage, and sliced strawberries and bananas for breakfast at the hotel. Lunch was at a bistro off the highway on the way home. Excellent pulled pork, coleslaw they dressed with an alternate vinaigrette to accommodate dairy-free needs, and the most thinly sliced, delicately fried, homemade potato chips I have ever had. Yum! Dessert was a couple of dark chocolate squares from the cooler in the car. Dinner was back home (few groceries in the house), some leftover sloppy joes I pulled from the freezer over GF toast and broccoli. Snacks: Whole cashews, a GF snack bar and glass of soy milk. Iced tea with lunch and dinner, and black coffee a.m. and evening, water in between.

  2. I have portion control issues too! But definitely when eating out or at friends houses, I have an even harder time!

  3. Kathy Peterson says:

    Day three: Breakfast was a 2 egg white omelet with peppers and onions inside and cheddar cheese and a corn tortilla, fried on both sides. Coffee to drink. Lunch was several gluten free crackers with pepper jack cheese on them and a small portion of a saurkraut salad (it’s good!) and white grape juice to drink. I also ate 3 half popsicles for dessert. Did I mention that it is hot out there? Supper will be 2 tacos filled with a bean and ground beef mixture that I keep in my freezer. Likely I will have a granola bar (Kind brand) for dessert. Water to drink.

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