Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 4

Today was a mellow day.  We had our 4th of July party/fireworks/fandango yesterday.  Today we ran errands and hung out with the girls.  Trust me… they needed it!  The little beasties darlings were sleep-deprived from our festivities yesterday. 😀

Since we were at home all together, the usual request of pancakes came about.  After which we went to the Farmer’s Market and completed a few other errands.  I didn’t eat much today – I was honestly not very hungry and then after breakfast of pancakes?  Yeah… I was done until dinner at 6:30.  (Save for water and coffee.)

All of the international readers should probably NOT look here for tips on what a Gluten Free Fourth of July (Independence Day) meal would look like.  😀  But do check here.  My dinner was at that party.



Breakfast:  Gluten Free pancakes (almond and vanilla), watermelon, apple, water and coffee.

GF Everyday Eats Day 4 Breakfast


Lunch:  Skipped.  (We ate breakfast late – 9:30-10:00)  I had a water while we shopped at the Farmer’s Market.

Snack:  Fresh peach from the Farmer’s Market.  YUM!  I love summer if only for the fruit.  Can’t wait until the blueberries show up!

GF Everyday Eats - Day 4

Dinner:  Delivery!  Gluten Free Pizza – Sausage.  Water.

GF Everyday Eats:  Dinner Day 4

Many of you may have been out at BBQs or family parties…. or whatnot.  What did you eat today?  How did you manage the schedule/planning?

Happy 4th, everyone!

PS.  If you are planning a BBQ, years ago I invited my fellow bloggers to complete an Alphabetical BBQ of Gluten Free Food offerings.  Check out this post for their ides/recipe links.


  1. Opted for GF pizza out. Sadly, it was gross. Not because it was gross in flavor, it was just way too flavorless – as was my husband’s and our friend’s non-GF pizza.

    • cheekychica says:

      Hate it when the food is flavorless or worse -not even seasoned with salt/pepper because it is “gluten free”. Sounds like a bummer of a restaurant if they blew the standard gluten-filled pizzas too.
      It’s a crime to kill pizza. 😀 Or at least it should be.

  2. That pizza looks fantastic (and the fresh peach too). On the 4th it was bacon and eggs and berries for breakfast (raspberries and blueberries). Tuna salad and baby carrots for lunch. We did BBQ in the evening, and that was beef bratwurst, Angus burgers (I ate one of each), fresh veggies, baked beans, fruit salad. Coffee, water, iced tea, and a Diet Pepsi. Somewhere in there I had some dark chocolate and maybe a GF bar of some sort, a handful of cashews and peanuts. I eat a lot…but I’m 6’3. That’s my excuse! :)

  3. Kathy Peterson says:

    I am thinking that I am a day off on this. So, that is why I haven’t had dinner yet. So far, blueberry muffin and coffee for breakfast, homus, gluten free crackers, 2 nut mixes and a piece of dark chocolate (from my Go Picnic meal). White grape juice and water to drink. Supper, I haven’t had yet. Haven’t decided what to have yet.

    • Kathy Peterson says:

      And dinner, I had a burrito in a Rudi’s tortilla. Water and white grape juice to drink. No dessert.

    • cheekychica says:

      My posts are late at night after dinner and the girls have gone to bed – I’m sure that is contributing to your feeling a day off. 😀 No worries, Kathy – I am super appreciative of your participation! I am not feeling so alone in the documenting of my food intake to share with newbies with your comments. (Truly – very helpful! Thank you!)

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