Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 5

Have I really been doing this for 5 days already?  Amazing.  I have gotten some happy feedback via email for this effort.  Thank you for that.    My working parent blogging absence has been hard for some, but it is nice to be back and have the time to write/communicate more.

A question raised as well in the email responses was this:

Quinoa is a protein, right?  
So should I be serving it instead of having a meat or fish?  
I have been adding it to my meals like a side-dish, like rice, etc?  


You know what?  That’s usually how we enjoy quinoa too:  as an accompaniment for a meat.  I will ask Cheryl what role quinoa should be playing.  I’ll let you know what she says.

As far as my days of photographing food has been, this one has been interesting and better.  I’m not running for the phone to snap a photo – I’m remembering!  LOL.  And taking pictures of my lunch today brought about conversation….LOL.  The girls and I went to Costco today to get the necessary things for the house.  Since we were there at lunch time, my choices included (1) feed them there and make for happy campers or (2) feed them later (after errands) and set them up for a tough afternoon.  My littlest one has been having a tough adjustment since the party on the 3rd.  I didn’t want to set her up for a bad afternoon. (She’s my protein-every-3-hours or she’s a beast, kid.   Yes.  Like me.  LOL)  So, we ate at Costco.    I am fairly certain I am the only person on the planet to snap a photo of their bare-naked Costco polish with ketchup and mustard.  Awkward, but hey!  I remembered!


Breakfast:  Celery, peanut butter and a banana.  Coffee to drink.  (Man, I love crisp celery with peanut butter!  I am the only one in the house who likes celery, so I don’t buy it all that often.  But yum!)

Breakfast Day 5

Lunch:  My “naked” (no bun) polish sausage (mustard/ketchup) and water.  

Lunch Day 5


Snack:  After Costco, our last stop was picking up a flat of fresh strawberries and another of raspberries.  No better snack that eating a ton of berries after had just a polish sausage for lunch.  As you can see, I had help.  They each pulled up a chair to their favorite berry and polished off a pint of each.  (Now you know why I bought 2 flats.  LOL)

Snack Day 5

Dinner:  Cuban-style baby back ribs (no sauce… just awesome seasoning), potato salad, 4 bean salad, and more berries.  Water to drink.

Dinner Day 5


Dessert:  A gluten-free ice cream sandwich.  I probably should not have eaten this.  However, I *did* walk the dog an extra mile today for a grand total of 4 miles with the dog.  That counts, right?

Dessert Day 5


What did you eat today?

Hope you gluten-free goodies were tasty and satisfying!

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  1. Kathy Peterson says:

    I have figured out that yes, I am off by a day, so that is why I never know what supper will be until after today is over. :o) Anyway, for breakfast, I had a 2 egg white omelet with cheddar cheese, green pepper and onion. This was accompanied by a corn tortilla, browned a little in a frying pan. Lunch was a burrito made with my pinto bean/ground beef mixture in a Rudi’s tortilla. Dinner… I will know in a little while (it is after 3 in the afternoon). And by the way, it is HOT out there.

  2. On the 5th, I had for breakfast sausage and scrambled eggs and berries, with coffee. Lunch was a leftover bratwurst, beans, and some fresh veggies (carrots, zucchini, green onion, orange peppers), small pickle, and iced tea. Dinner was grilled salmon, baked potato, steamed baby carrots and iced tea. Popcorn and a handful of nuts as snacks.

  3. I want to share my latest favorite breakfast option…one made-by-me teff wrap with a micro-scrambled egg and three gf smoked turkey slices liberally dusted with smoked Spanish paprika!! If I have any cooked black lentils in the frig, they get tossed on, too! DEEEE-LISH!!! Once the wraps are made, breakfast is fast and easy!

    A favorite lunch option, too…..a bed of salad greens with chilled steamed peas, albacore tuna, and chopped zesty bread and butter pickles!! It’s crazy how good this tastes to me!! Also fast and easy!

    A dinner favorite is black bean salad…when made ahead, this will get me through at least four days!! Two cans of blacks beans, drained; two chopped red peppers; chopped red onion, I use 3-4 T.; cilantro, sometimes I add up front, sometimes I add as I eat; one clove of garlic, minced; a loaded tsp of cumin. When it’s time to eat, add chopped tomato, avocado, and salad greens, too, if you like!

    Just because we’re gluten free doesn’t mean our taste buds are dead!! I LOVE FOOD!! Great flavor is key to staying on-track. It can be done and it can be done with flair!!

    It’s fun to see how others deal with no-gluten eating; thanks for putting yourself out there!

    • cheekychica says:

      Chris –
      That dinner black bean salad sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing that. And yes – our tastebuds might actually be more alive than the were before. Well…at least mine are! 😀

  4. Oh gosh, I’m far too nervous about my food being really safe to even consider eating from the Costco food bar.

    I actually do consider quinoa to be the protein poriton of a vegetarian meal. I skip the meat on occasion to save money, and to break up my eating. It is a complete protein, unlike other grains, so you can treat it this way. With other grains you can pair them with beans and vegetables to complete your protein.

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