Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 7

I think I spent most of the day either walking the dog (6 miles today), playing with kids (all day!), or in the kitchen (cooking, cleaning).  It was a wonderful day.  😀

A few questions and answer from email to address today too.    

 Quinoa:  Protein or a grain?  Actually, I’m going to cut/paste Cheryl’s (Registered Dietician/Super Blogger)  response her from her email.  Neither are correct.  LOL

Quinoa is technically a seed rather than a grain. So it’s a protein, but it’s also a carb. It’s got around 8 grams of protein per cup. So if you’re having a cup of quinoa with, say, beans or maybe veggies and almonds sprinkled on top, that would work well. If you’re just having a small serving and not having any other protein with your meal, you’ll probably get hungry again pretty quickly.  I love quinoa, and most people find it filling because it’s a good source of fiber, too.   -Cheryl
And now…on to the Everyday Eats…


Brunch:  I skipped breakfast today…. the kids slept in and so did I.  We didn’t get up until 7:50!  And then we were off walking the dog (2 miles) and to the Farmer’s Market, etc.  I had a leaf-wrapped burger with cheese and bacon.  And a giant serving of blueberries.  Okay… I didn’t eat all of the berries in the serving bowl – but man!  They are tasty. 

Day 7 Brunch


Dinner:  Homemade porketta (Minnesota thing, I think – basically a nicely seasoned (highly seasoned/herb crusted) boneless pork roast), salad, cantaloupe and more blueberries.  One goat cheese cracker topped with a little leftover crab salad.  Water.

Day 7 Dinner


I did have a “snack” – taste test of my third batch of goat cheese crackers.  Sadly, I burned them while making hummus with and for my 2 year old (soon to be 3 in two weeks!).  However, they made a nice base for a little leftover crab salad. (botton left of my dinner plate).  

Day 7 Goat Cheese Cracker Batch


Hope you all had a wonderful GF Day….


  1. The blueberries look amazing! I hadn’t heard a seasoned pork roast called porketta, but we sure do have all sorts of odd names for things here in the upper Midwest. Day 7 started with an egg over hard with ham and some leftover rhubarb-berry crisp for breakfast. I didn’t over-sugar it, so it feels more like eating cooked fruit with a little crumble on top. At least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, lol. Black coffee along with that. Lunch was a Jimmy John’s roast beef unwich (lettuce wrap), which they forgot to hold the cheese on, so when I finally looked closely at it wondering why this one tasted so good, I saw the provolone. Peeled off what was left of it, but I had eaten probably one whole slice. There was a little GI distress later, but not too horrible (sorry, TMI). While I had the sandwich open, I poked some extra greens into it. I don’t care for beet greens which seem to be liberally mixed in the salad greens I buy, so instead of tossing them out, I put some in the unwich, where I couldn’t taste their “beety-ness” as much or at all. I read they’re a good source of calcium. Jalapeno chips with lunch probably helped by making my mouth feel like it was on fire, in a good way though! Iced tea to drink. Dinner was a broiled burger on one piece of GF toast spread with guacamole and lettuce. Fresh zucchini slices and a pickle, water to drink. I had another bit of rhubarb-berry crisp somewhere in there yesterday and some homemade popcorn while we watched a movie. I’m sure there was a square of dark chocolate or two as well!

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