Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 8

Today we had major play dates, my eldest had more physical therapy (every Monday…all summer long), and we were out of the house for 2 of our three meals.   Blech. I packed some granola in the car and water – so I was good to go for the meal that I knew would be the most difficult (lunch).

Do you pack or prep anything special for days like this?

On Friday, I’m bringing the girls up north for a swim/play date.  We will have to pack two snacks and lunch.  Give me strength.  LOL    Actually, I know I will be using a bit of money from our weekly grocery budget to get some more granola from the store in town.  It’s gluten free (for those of you who, like me, eat certified gluten free oats).  And more importantly, it’s delicious.  If I can’t get the time or figure out that it’s not in our budget, I will make some granola bars of my own.  I’ve already got the fresh hummus, carrot sticks, etc ready.  Now I want the sweet-salty delectable granola for the drive. 


Today….. this is what I ended up with:  

Breakfast:  2 scrambled eggs (of which I ate half…just after this photo, the littlest member of the family helped herself to momma’s breakfast), four goat cheese crackers, cantaloupe and coffee.

Day 8 breakfast

Lunch:  Not pictured, the burger patty (sans bun, of course) I ate while out with kids.  (I was so hungry!)  But here is that delectable granola and my water bottle).  (PS.  I have absolutely no affiliation with this company… I just wish I lived near them so I could munch on their boo-boos.  LOL)

Day 8:  granola lunch

Dinner:  Out at a local Thai restaurant that is fairly responsive to gluten free eaters.  I ordered Gluten Free Garden stir-fry with lemongrass.  Holy beans.  SO FREAKING good!  For dessert, I had their house-made coconut ice cream.  Quite yummy!

Day 8 Dinner:  Lemongrass stir-fry     Housemade Coconut Ice Cream


And you?

Did you eat anything you regret eating today?

I wish I hadn’t eaten the ice cream or the burger patty.  Not calorically worth it.  The ice cream was delicious.  Totally free of concern for gluten free issues.  But the burger patty?  Not calorically worth it and a tad more risky.  

Do you have a better plan for tomorrow?

I do!  It’s a stay-home, run only the necessary errands tomorrow.  Woot! 😀  Oh yes – and hair cuts (finally)!

Happy Gluten Free Eats, all!




  1. gfmommy says:

    OMG, Kate, is that ALL YOU EAT? I eat about twice what you do. Seriously. And I don’t think I eat an unusual amount. If anything, I eat slightly less than what I see my colleagues eating. My kids (who are stick-thin and still growing) eat way more than I do.

    It looks to me like you’ve cut all the gluten out of your diet, and replaced it with…air? I mean, yeah, you have a little rice and a little granola, but no salads? Only about 1/4 of veggies for the whole day? And you’re regretting eating a single bunless burger…because of the calories?

    Am I the only one wondering how on earth you have enough energy to get through the day???

    Please forgive me for saying this, because I know it sounds like I’m being very judgy. But I’m CONCERNED. I have an anorexic niece, and the first thing that jumps into my mind is that you are teetering on the edge of anorexia.

    I apologize if I’m being rude here.

    • cheekychica says:

      You are sweet – and no worries. I knew I was taking a risk posting my daily food choices – but honestly, please have no fear. I’m DEFINITELY not anorexic (I eat like a horse!). The dinner photo shows only a small portion of what I ate (probably a 1/3 of it) because it felt *SO* awkward to take pictures in the small, but packed, restaurant while we were eating. (I’m definitely not one of those food bloggers…LOL)

      Since starting this, I have started using an app called “MyFitnessPal” and “Runtastic Pro” as well. The first, MyFitnessPal, tracks my daily caloric intake and the other GPS tracks my daily walks. I would love to lose weight (because I honestly need to and am overweight), however, my daily goal is to eat healthy foods (I need to increase my veggies/fruit) and walk/do more.

      The calories tracked on my app from this day show an intake of 1,800 calories. While some people can/do eat a bit more, I honestly have to work HARD to lose a single pound.

      I feel a little strange writing about weight loss with the concern that you raise. I sincerely appreciate your concern and am sadden to learn of the struggles with your niece. Eating disorders are no joke and are to be taken very seriously. To me they are like any other addiction: you need help and it will be a day at a time for life in order for the journey to become healthy again. I have a few friends with eating disorders and a couple students. It *IS* so very scary indeed.

      By all means, keep raising the questions. I am being very honest about what I am eating with my photos. Some days I do better than others, that is for sure!

      My thoughts/prayers are with you and your family/niece.

      • Whew, that’s a relief! Thanks for the support re: niece, too.

        Have you had your thyroid checked?

        I had a very tough time convincing my doctor to run thyroid blood work. I got a stern lecture about how calories in = calories out, and that I must have been cheating on my diet and lying about exercising, because I was gaining rather than losing, etc. I ended up in tears, but told him I wasn’t leaving his office until he ordered the test. And this was several years INTO a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, so it’s not like I was coming up with this out of desperation. I KNEW what the symptoms felt like when my dosage was off.

        And it was off.

        He had the nurse call in the new prescription. He didn’t even have the decency to call me and apologize.

        I switched doctors after that.

        I hope you’re enjoying the exercise! I just started a combination of “Couch to 5K” and “Zombies, Run!”, both of which have smart phone apps. I can’t decide which I like better! They’re both great at starting you out slowly (much more walking than running), and telling you when to walk, when to run, when to cool down, etc.

        Couch to 5K is a bit more efficient–the workouts only take 30 minutes or so, while Zombies takes at least 15-20 minutes longer.

        Zombies adds some hilarity, though–you listen to a kind of radio play that is pseudo-interactive. YOU are “Runner 5,” who has been dropped in by helicopter to their little village, which is fending off ZOMBIES. And they train you to become stronger and faster so that you can run and pick up supplies for them, etc. avoiding the ZOMBIES. It may take a little longer than C25K, but it goes by a lot faster!

        And apparently, in some communities, you can sign up for ZOMBIE RUNS. I’m not kidding! You sign up to be either a runner or a Zombie; if you’re a runner, you wear a flag (like in flag football), and you have to stay ahead of the Zombies (who are usually in costume!), who are not allowed to run, but can walk as fast as they want, usually with appropriate sound effects.

  2. I only regret that I polished off the rhubarb-berry crisp all by myself…and now I have none. 😉

    Yesterday, Day 8, I can’t remember what breakfast was, probably an egg in some form and probably a bit of ham with that (I tend to have pretty much the same thing for breakfast more often than not). Coffee and the aforementioned crisp as well in the a.m. Lunch was tomato soup and tuna salad over greens. I can’t find GF tomato soup in the stores around here, so I make my own with a can of stewed tomatoes and it’s just about as fast (put contents of can in a wide-mouth quart jar, add a half can of water, blend with a stick blender until smooth; heat about 1 T. of basil olive oil in a saucepan, add about 1 T. tapioca flour and a dash of Mrs. Dash to make a roux; pour the blended tomato stuff in, stir, and heat. I sometimes top mine with chopped chives from the garden or cilantro. Yesterday it was cilantro.)

    Dinner was something different, a wild rice/chicken/cranberry dish, loosely based on a wild rice recipe related to us at the Ojibwe Native American cultural tour we did last week. I blogged and took photos of it last night (bottom of post). It was pretty tasty and the leftovers were even better for lunch today. Broccoli and raspberries along with that. Iced tea, dark chocolate squares, a handful or two of whole cashews rounded out the day.

  3. This is Jamie from Sisters Baking Company. I finally stumbled upon your shout out for Rain City Crunch (sorry it took so long!)- thanks for the referral! We work hard to make a great tasting snack that is safe for celiacs since we have no gluten in our facility. Good luck on your gluten free journey. It’s a pleasure reading your blog- I feel your pain. While I haven’t been diagnosed with Celiac, I have my own digestive issues to deal with and the journey has been enlightening, at times frustrating and freeing all at the same time. Keep up the good work!

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