Bread of Life? Random Acts of … Udi’s

As most experienced gluten free eaters will tell you, sandwiches quickly disappear from your lunchbox.  Am I right?  It certainly is not the first thing on my pack-for-lunch list anymore and it was pre-gf days as it was simple to take, eat anywhere etc.  Not so much any more.

Flash forward to this month.  I was invited by Udi’s to participate in a blogging event of “Random Acts of … Udi’s” in which they set out boxes of Udi’s goodies for people to share with friends, family and co-workers.  (They did not pay for me to write any reviews – nor have they ever – but they did send the products for me to share plus two coupons for a Free Udi’s product of your choice (which I am giving away below).  I’ve written about Udi’s before.  Personally, I am just going to take credit (HA!  False Credit, that is!  ahahah!) for this blogging event by Udi’s.  At the end of last school year, Udi’s sent out sampler packages of a mind-blowing quantity of goodies.  I brought the plethora of carb-goodness to school with me and I shared it with several gluten free (and non-gluten free) students.  (Here is that student review of their products/that post, if you are interested.)

When this box arrived, I knew I would be sharing it with the adults at school.  In the last couple years, we have had about 25 new staff members come on board – and a surprising number of them are gluten free.  (I think there are 6 of us (teachers) who are gluten free now.)  Since our mail room and/or the secretaries counters often fill up with treats to be shared that we can’t eat, I thought I would fill that space with the goodies Udi’s sent.  (They sent granola, several boxes of cookies, 3 – 4 small tubs of the mini-bites (brownies, etc), bagels and blueberry muffins.)  When I was unpacking the box, a colleague of mine (for the last 13 years) told me that she was “going gluten free” as she has noticed some digestive issues for herself.  She then asked me (and other GF colleague who was oogling the goodies) what kind of sandwich bread we thought she should try.  Needless to say, I handed her an Udi’s bagel.  It’s what I use for sandwich bread when I have it on hand.  (And I have a gluten-free dedicated toaster in my closet at work…hahahahah.)

We picked out a few goodies to send to the teachers who are gluten free who never would have come to seek out treats in the office.  Much like me, they avoid the mail room when it is inundated with baked goods.  Not only is it hard to go in when you are hungry, but the aroma is too much.  Maybe it is just me, but since I don’t eat “bread” all that often (as I used to), I can really smell baked goods.  Can you?

It was awesome to have such yummy gluten free treats for sharing.  Gluten-free peeps and non-gluten free eaters alike enjoyed the mini brownie bites, the granola and the blueberry muffins.  The cookies were a bit of a gluten-free adventure for the non-GF people, but the sweet taste of cookies was preferred by a few with their morning coffee.  Thank you, Melissa @ Udi’s for thinking of me/my colleagues.

I took several pictures of the goodies being gobbled up – but alas, I somehow don’t have them on my phone.  Sorry to say that I don’t have the images for Udi’s to verify the goodies being shared, but I’m also certain that the 7AM photos of colleagues munching on muffins and granola by the handfuls are probably not ones that they will miss seeing published online.  (Ha!)

Udi’s also sent two coupons for a Free Udi’s item that I would like to share.  I wish you lived closer or I would have brought some gluten free goodies to you as well.  Instead, please just sign up via the rafflecopter below for the coupons to be mailed to you.  I will contact the winners via email to get a mailing address for the coupons.  The coupons expire on 2/28/2014 – that is the end of this month – so let’s get to this!

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  1. I’ve had Udis muffins, tortillas, bread, granola and bagels…all of which are awesome. I guess I use the bread the most especially to make sandwiches out of when I travel, since it needs no toasting.

    • Have you been able to find their multigrain/”everything” bagels? I’m wondering where I can find them as have only seen them in these two taste boxes from them.

  2. Love Udi’s bread! It doesn’t go soggy. I would so love to try another one of their products.

  3. These sound awfully good. I’d love to eat an actual sandwich again, instead of meat and cheese rolled up in lettuce.

    • Yes – the lettuce roll sandwich is delicious but bread can be missed. To be honest, the last time I went out for burgers (at Red Robin which has a GF menu and GF fryers, etc) I order their GF bun just to try it. Yep. not for me. I prefer having my burger in a big lettuce wrap – juicier 😀

      • Mary Beth Brown says:

        The last time I checked, the Missouri Red Robin’s used Udi’s buns for their hamburgers. I have also found that wrapping the bun/bagel in a damp paper towel and heating it in the microwave for 30 seconds makes it wonderful for sandwiches :-)

  4. Udi’s is my bread when I REALLY want a grilled cheese sandwich. I can’t have diairy so I use Daiya shredded Italian blend and ohhhhhhhhhh, on a rainy day….. Heaven. I had thought that treat was gone forever. So glad to have it back!

    • I haven’t tried Daiya – but I have heard people rave about it. I will try it in a couple weeks to make some Faux-chebe (Pao de quejo) rolls for a GF/DF buddy at work. Have you used it for pizza or baking into bread? I’d love to hear your results. 😀

  5. I do use their bread if I have to go out of town and know there are not many gf friendly places to eat. I will be taking a sandwich next week to a conference as the caterer can not make anything gf. I keep a loaf in my deep freeze and thaw 2 slices in the refrigerator ahead of time. Works well for me.

    • Yes – I pack lunches for conferences too (and everyday for work). The last catered lunch I attended told me there would be GF items on the menu – but failed to consider that the servers would toss everything together (the croutons on the salad). The only other menu items were meatballs (not GF) and pasta/sauce (also not GF). I was so happy to have my little lunch sack tucked into my purse. 😀

      • Kathy Peterson says:

        Or gluten free granola bars. A lifesaver. I work at a nursing home that is attached to a hospital and do you know, when I went to the hospital a while back and asked for gluten free food, I got toast (wheat bread) with my cream of rice cereal? Sheesh!

  6. The bread, bagels and cookies are my favorites.

    • I honestly haven’t had a love for their cookies yet. The mini-brownie bites are yummy. Maybe I’m not tasting the right one? What kind of cookie do you like?

  7. My favorite udis product is the classic French dinner rolls

  8. I use UDI’s bread to make grilled ham, cheese & pineapple sandwiches. Yum!!

  9. Udi’s is the only gluten free bread I like. I also love their bagels & pizza crusts.

  10. I love the bread and bagels

  11. Elizabeth says:

    i love it all, but i have a weakness for the lemon muffins!!

  12. I love the bagels for staff mornings when everyone else is eating gluten-y treats.

  13. I think the sliced bread is the best!

  14. I have not tried Udi’s but I would most like the pizza crusts.

  15. The cinnamon rolls brightened my day when I was in the hospital and the limited amount of items I could eat began to wear on me.

  16. The chia millet bread is my absolute favorite! Even my gluten-eating family members love it!

  17. We love Udi’s products. The bread, bagels, cinnamon rolls, pizza crust, etc. It’s all good! I really love the raisin bread :)

  18. I could eat a whole container of the mini chocolate chip cookies. :)

  19. Patricia Ann says:

    I like the Soft and Hearty Whole Grain Bread for grilled cheese sandwiches and it is good toasted with butter and jelly.

  20. Denise Fedor says:

    I love the LARGE loaf of Udi’s bread that our Costco recently started carrying!

  21. Haven’t tried any yet. Have been eyeing the bagels though.

  22. I’ve only tried their frozen white bread. I like to toast it and put cream cheese on top. I reminds me of a bagel. Yum!

  23. Kathy Peterson says:

    I have tried several of Udi’s products, since my local grocery store carries them. They carry hamburger buns, hotdog buns, bagels (plain), and they used to carry muffins. I think my favorite item has been their blueberry muffins (although I did try your blueberry muffin recipe! and I liked them too!). I live kind of in the middle of nowhere, so gluten free products are a little tricky to find.

  24. My daughter loves the white sandwich bread and the hamburger and hot dog buns. She was so happy to finally have a burger on a bun.

  25. Kathy Peterson says:

    Isn’t it Udi’s that makes a frozen pizza? My local grocery store carries that, and I am almost sure it is Udi’s.

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