Your favorite #glutenfree grab-n-go bar?

I make my own granola bars. But tonight I ran out of gluten free oats. So what did I do? I stirred in some cooked quinoa to my peanut butter/maple syrup slurry. The result? Well… this (as it sits between parchment paper in the refrigerator):

What to do when you run out of GF oats?

What to do when you run out of GF oats?

I added a couple handfuls of chocolate chips to try to improve my …. umm…creation.  Not so sure that worked!  Ha!

What’s your favorite grab-n-go bar recipe?



  1. Elana’s Breakfast Bars. ( I reduce the sweetener in them though. If I want a decadent treat, I make up a recipe I have for a cheesecake crust that has walnuts, dates, almond flour, and chocolate (vanilla, salt….I think that’s it.) and make those into little energy balls. Phenomenal. I can’t remember the ingredient list for sure and I’m trying not to look at that recipe because I can’t have chocolate for a long long time……..

  2. Actually, I buy Kind Bars.

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