Curried Mayonnaise & Corn Dogs

My kids are on a kick.  Ad in the same five menu items keep appearing.  I think I’d like to cry and yet the onus is totally mine, isn’t it?  After all, I am the one cooking and shopping!  Guess I have only myself to blame.  However, one trick I’ve learn is that I can “adultify” their kid food if I don’t feel like really cooking.  😀

The kids fell in love with Foster Farms Gluten Free Corn Dogs last month – but I haven’t put them into the rotation, to be honest.  I feel like I cave a bit too much when it comes to letting them slide on some food things that we were required to do as kids.  (They are required to taste, but we have no clean plate club in our house.  Just satisfied stomachs.)

We’ve also been without an oven since Labor Day weekend.  Yes, seven weeks without an oven.  #NotCool  Needless to say, we were all itching to back something when it finally arrived (then sat in the garage for another 10 days) and was installed.  We made homemade M&M cookies (gluten free, of course), chicken and rice and corn dogs.  I had promised corn dogs.

2015-10-18 10.25.06

In order to get myself motivated, we had a sauce-fest.  The girls stuck with ketchup, no matter how much we tried to get the to try other sauces – even mustard!  But the two of us really loved our slightly-sweet and crunchy corn dogs with curried mayonnaise!

2015-10-18 09.21.53

You should try it.  😀 We mixed gluten free yellow curry (Mae Ploy) paste with mayonnaise to taste.  For the second batch, we used the curry paste, mayonnaise and a tiny bit of honey.  (The curry paste we use is dense and spicy; so the touch of sweetness helped balance it a bit.)

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