Mommy Brag: Photo Friday

I couldn’t resist sharing. The facial expression on Rory’s face just about had me rolling off the chair with chuckles.  She is NEVER so expressionless but the camera/lights/etc freaked her out.  Poor little thing.  And Zoe?  Don’t be fooled!  That smile is all thanks to a the bribe of Smarties (gluten free, by the way). […]

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Two! Two! Two!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Today you are two! You’ve been our baby since our dreams collided and brought you home. You are an absolute joy and you make us happy everyday. May each year of life bring you happiness, adventure, good health, great friends, and time to love it all. We […]

One Year Ago Today

One Year Ago Today, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Forgive me… I *do* have recipes to share…but THIS is consuming me. Today is our One Year Family Anniversary. One year ago today, we held our little imp on our arms for the VERY first time. She played with my jade donut-shaped necklace (worn in honor […]

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