Nearly Wordless.. and Nearly Wednesday

More munching… ah.. plastic eggs, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. You see why I’ve been offline, right? This precious munchkin has my attention. She’s finally over jet lag – HOORAY! I plan to be back blogging recipes in the next week or so. Zoe has already been munching on some oatcakes that have a bit […]

She’s here! An Open Letter to Our Daughter

She’s here!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Dear Sweet Zoe, As I write this I am waiting to hear the date/time of your flight to us. I’m so overwhelmed by the tons of emotions – excitement, anxiety, joy, elation, relief, concern for you and your foster mom, gratitude for Carol who will be escorting you, […]

On our way!

We’re on our way out the door shortly to pick up the Chicklet. I was going to post a recipe for these great dinner rolls that I made last night… until I saw that this morning they had become the ubiquitous brickettes of gluten-free fare from days gone by this morning. Ah well. that recipe […]

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