Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 24

Today was a day of firsts.  Zoe announced at lunch that she thinks Luke Skywalker is cute….and so is another boy in her day camp class.  (!!! already!??)  Rory has taken to doing everything in hyper-speed mode or in her own little imaginative world.  I think she might just need a seat belt for the […]

Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 23

So today I was at least with it enough to take pictures.  My lunch today was the same kind of thing as yesterday – grits/polenta made in the rice cooker while we were out today.  Unfortunately, today they came out a bit lumpier than yesterday.  Giving it a good mix and stir for a while […]

Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 20

Today while playing outside with the girls, I thought I would kick back for a bit.  I brought my cell phone outside to check email etc while the girls played.  It’s cold here in the mornings – so they were wearing sweatshirts.  Not long after playing in the sun, however, they took off the sweaters. […]

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