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Nearly Wordless.. and Nearly Wednesday

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You see why I’ve been offline, right?
This precious munchkin has my attention.
She’s finally over jet lag – HOORAY!

I plan to be back blogging recipes in the next week or so. Zoe has already been munching on some oatcakes that have a bit of cinnamon in them for her teething and breakfast. (Somehow I didn’t think just sucking on the outside of empty plastic Easter eggs was going to fulfill her nutritional needs.)

I have no idea what recipe will strike my fancy – but I have a few ideas floating through my head. I think this weekend I will whip up a loaf of Pepita Bread before My Love goes back to work.

Ah…. family life is grand!
I hope you are all well and forgive me for not being able to follow up with reading all of your blog posts. You guys are BUSY – and I’m finding myself without the time to keep up!

Much love – and as always, Happy GF Eating.


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Ummm… the car we saw today, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.


We stopped at the store today on the way home from school. I was bringing the Belgian exchange student home for the night. Regardless, *THIS* is what we saw in the parking lot on our way out. Neither of us could contain ourselves. We had to pull over, get out of the car and inspect it. Both of us were in awe. We started taking pictures. And then… just as we were driving away… we saw HER. The woman who walked up to this …. ummm.. car and drove away. Her bizarre walk through the parking lot while approaching the car was surely because she had seen us with cameras and all pointing and wondering just WHO would CREATE such a *masterpiece* and drive it! (And then we digressed and starting talking about being hit by flying rubber duckies while cruising behind this *thing* on the highway.)

Oh yea.
Only in my town, I swear.

THIS has got to be the most bizarre car I have ever seen.  (Click here to go to my flickr stream to see even MORE up close and personal shots of this lovely creation.)

I will come back with recipes. I promise. Life is hectic here as we gear up for the Chicklet’s arrival, celebrate a 40th birthday and welcome family in from out of town. (I am working on a lovely dinner roll/biscuit recipe.. but it’s not where I want it to be … YET.)

Watch out for those flying duckies…. I’m tellin’ ya!

An Easter Basket for the Chicklet

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A nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Still no set date for the arrival of the Chicklet and OH MAN is *this* the hardest part for us. Falling in love with a little girl who is so far away and then helplessly waiting. It’s absolutely heavy-heart time around here.

So yesterday I got her an Easter basket. (Okay… I probably picked it up for me as a “pick-up-your-heart and keep-moving” momento.)

The dog checked it out with a loving sniffle too. 

Max meets the Chicklet's basket


And yes, the sewing machine is still up.  (Aren’t you proud, Mom?)  I have a growth chart that I’m trying to figure out how to make.  (Appliqué, anyone?  Ay!  Making the pattern part is killing me!)

~Happy Wednesday all –