Gluten Free Bran Buns… Yum!

Gluten Free Bran Buns… Yum!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. I stopped over at my sister’s house a while back for an impromtu visit with the Chicklet and the Love. She was, as usual, busy, busy, busy and her family was too. Her honey had made quick sandwiches for everyone for dinner and her plate […]

Say: Breadmaker!

So… my Love bought me a shiny new bread machine.  I’ve had a really hard time getting TIME to bake bread like I used to.  Between teaching (grading papers, planning, etc), playing with the Imp, and trying to maintain some type of order to our lives, I just don’t bake bread anymore.  BUT, I have […]

A slightly more decadent Calas: Cocoa Calas

A Slightly More Decadent Calas: Cocoa Calas, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. So the Chicklet has been home with a bit of a toddler-style, No-Day-Care allowed cold for the first couple days this week. I didn’t realize how tired *I* was until I decided to follow HER sleep schedule these few days at home. BOY! […]

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