A little Celiac Awareness Video

I wish I knew these guys.  I <3 their video.  😀 In light of the fact of my missing February, I’m giving myself permission to post this after some of you may have already seen it. Enjoy! (And be happy I – in my zeal – didn’t sing it for you!  LOL) ~kate

Gluten Free Breakfasts

When you were diagnosed?  What did the doctor say? My doctor told me (over the phone) that I could no longer eat “bread, cakes, cookies, pasta, etc”  He never mentioned breakfast. And I didn’t think about it.  After all, I’ve never been a big breakfast eater anyway – or at least not on weekdays.  There […]

Chili-Maple Butternut Sqaush

Hello!  Oh, I have missed blogging. The last post about saving time, money and energy has truly been helpful.  It was good to read that others are in the same boat – and busting out the crock pot or cooking double/extra whenever they can.  I am gone over and over the comments (and I suggest […]

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