Gluten-Free: Honey, Mustard and Wasabi Grilled Chicken Sandwiches

Gluten-Free: Honey, Mustard and Wasabi Grilled Chicken Sandwich, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Wahoo! A menu plan meal photographed and ready to go. It was good too. I hope the rest of my plans turn out well. I’m using up the last of everything in the fridge, etc this week. And this chicken sandwich was […]

BBQ Round-Up – Get out the stretchy pants!

The virtual BBQ party has left me with enough recipes and ideas to make it through every BBQ that crops up this summer. Seriously – you guys are amazing! Check out the goodies everyone brought! Oh, I love it! The food filled many a virtual picnic table, although I think I’ll have to stay seated […]

Anyone up for a BBQ?

I am! If only the weather would cooperate! It’s NOT pleasant. I’m cold! (I know, I should NOT complain about this as it could become QUITE hot when I’m home this summer…without air conditioning…and the house is wrapped in plastic (no windows to open) for the painters…bah!). There are two+ weeks of school left before […]

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