Curried Mayonnaise & Corn Dogs

My kids are on a kick.  Ad in the same five menu items keep appearing.  I think I’d like to cry and yet the onus is totally mine, isn’t it?  After all, I am the one cooking and shopping!  Guess I have only myself to blame.  However, one trick I’ve learn is that I can […]

Product Review: Foster Farms Gluten Free Frozen Chicken Options

NOTE:  I was sent two large packages of items to try and share (Foster Farms GF Chicken Nuggets, Foster Farms GF Chicken Strips, and Foster Farms GF Corn Dogs) in exchange for this review.  And, being the genius I am (ha!), I forgot to take a picture of the GF nuggets or the baked items.  I’m […]

Hungry? A GF Coupon Give-away: Jennie O

Gobble. Gobble.  (Or so my sister’s Thanksgiving phone calls always begin.  But it’s April and I’m gobbling like a turkey.  While you might be thinking  I’ve gone ’round the bend (almost!), I’m just happy to find a flavorful, speedy GLUTEN FREE dinner staple! I avoid marinated meats, etc in the meat department for obvious reasons. […]

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