Cranberry-Rice Bran Gluten Free (& CF!) Muffins

Cranberry-Rice Bran Gluten Free Muffins, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Ooops. I intended to post this yummy muffin recipe on Tuesday… but time flies when you lose your mind. 😛 How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was much-needed quiet… until I got the flu… and then once I recovered, we were off on adventures in […]

The Ice Dream Cookbook: A review and an adoption fundraiser

The Ice Dream Cookbook, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Rachel Albert-Matesz: Wherever you are, please take a bow. I love your gluten-free and casein-free cookbook, and I apologize for my tardy book review. And many, many, many thanks for the donation to the Adoption Fundraiser. Your book is on sale now and will make an […]

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